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Operation smile flier.
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One in 1000 babies are born with a cleft lip or palate, a birth defect that occurs when the roof of the mouth isn’t fully developed. Since last May, Cam High’s Operation Smile Club has been establishing fundraisers to help pay for cleft lip and palate operations, which run at $240.

Without the surgery, because of the inability to feed, 1 in 10 of these children will die before they reach the age of one. The club does its best to save the lives of children born with the birth defect, saving up to repair the lip and palates and taking any donations for those in need.

The club’s president, Andrea Falkenborg, junior, said, “We send in the money and we get certificates about how many kids we helped.”

Operation Smile meets every other Tuesday at lunch in room T11. This is their first full school year as a club at Cam High, and they always welcome new members.

“Right now, the club’s goal is to have a guest speaker come to the school.” Announced club advisor, Mrs. Jeanne Nelson, teacher.

So far, the club has sold Baja Fresh at Oktoberfest, and they also plan on making arrangements for fundraisers, such as Johnny Rockets next month. Beyond fundraisers at restaurants, Operation Smile also plans to have carwashes while the weather is still warm.

Falkenborg stated “We’re… changing the lives of these children who, before, had trouble speaking, eating, and smiling.”

Operation Smile is a nonprofit children’s medical service organization that works for charity worldwide. Like many other clubs at Cam High, it gives students a chance to make a difference. They support an important cause, and lead these children to continue living a healthy, happy life. They say a smile is worth a thousand words; with Operation Smile, you can help transform a child’s life.

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