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Prom around the World

Prom, around the world.
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The multicultural community that attends Cam High keeps shining with its own light, and although the experiences these girls and boys gained during these last couple of months differ from their native country, have now made them part of the American society. Now they are getting ready to go to the Prom, a celebration which many of these exchange students do not have in their own country. The excitement throughout these exchange students keeps growing while the days go by.

The excitement surrounding the Prom grows bigger and bigger because most of these exchange students have not experienced a Prom before in their native countries. “I don’t know what to expect because we don’t have proms in Germany,” said junior Elena Muenster, although not a senior, Muenster is attending the Prom in order to comprehend the American culture more.

However what are these exchange students wanting from this Prom? What is it going to be like for them? The uncertainty is also part of this new experience. Imagination and the American movies played a big role here, “Prom is something that I have seen in the movies since I was young: pretty dresses, big party… And I’m really excited to see how it is in real life,” said 18-year-old, Annabelle Brusseau. Originally from France, Brusseau is celebrating the Prom for the first time.

The concept about this American Prom varies from student to student. While for some the whole idea is overwhelming, there are some exchange students who don’t want to have high expectations for the Prom, “I think I expect it to be like in the movies, everything so perfect, the dress, the date, but you never know, I’m really excited, but I don’t want to expect anything because it could be worse,” said Italian-senior, Lavinia Nobili.

“With all these preparations and everyone talking about it I think it will be the most unforgettable day in everybody’s life,” added 18-year-old, Rumiya Ismatova. One thing is for sure, the impact they will have will create an enormous memory in these exchange students, which will definitely provide an unforgettable day in everyone’s memory.

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