OUHSD Staff use humor and humility to promote standards testing

Girl is shaving man's head.
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© Tiffany israel/OUHSD
Assistant Principal, Tom Ito gets his head shaved by a student after the school achieved a high participation rate for spring standards testing. © Tiffany israel/OUHSD

All Oxnard Union High School sites provide incentives and expect students to do their best during testing. Each site prepares tirelessly to assure for the best environment when testing begins. Our students and staff always step up to work hard and prove we have the best school communities.

Pacifica High School and Oxnard High School provided with some fun strategies on how to encourage students and staff during this very timely endeavor.

Oxnard High School recently completed their California Standards Testing with great student participation. Site administrator in charge of the CST’s, Tom Ito talked his administrative staff to dress in costumes after testing because of such a high participation rate. Besides the fancy costumes worn by Principal Eric Riegert and site administrators Dr. Janelle Jones and Guillermo Lopez, two staff members decided to let kids shave their heads. Assistant Principal, Tom Ito and Teacher, Aaron Sanchez decided that the students made good on their end of the deal and earned their right to give them a haircut.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdNn7froKvc&w=584&h=364]

Pacifica High School has always been interested in promoting state testing and making it relevant and exciting to our students. Four years ago, Mark Wingland, Katie Barry, and Keren Zaks performed a song live on Triton Talk, the ten days of CAHSEE. We decided from there that we were going to make music videos to promote the CAHSEE and the CST. Needing the help of another musician, we enlisted the help of Ian McFadyen. The Pacifica Song Parody group was then formed and rap names given. Mark Wingland is Lil’ Wing, Ian McFadyen is Mista M, Keren Zaks is Kay-Z, and Katie Barry is Canadian Bacon. Every year for the past three years we have made music videos for our students. This past year we have a new member Leah Calote, or as we call her, Miss C. Elliot. We have a lot of fun supporting our students and you can see how much fun at www.youtube.com/pacificasongs.

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