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High school prepares students for careers

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Architecture Construction and Engineering (ACE) Charter High School in Camarillo prepares teens for careers in the construction industry.

The school is chartered by the Oxnard Union High School District. The curriculum meets the same high school standards and core learning classes as other California high schools, as well as providing mandatory classes specifically geared toward the construction profession.

In addition to English, math, history and language, students must complete courses in AutoCAD, construction and environmental sciences.

In the construction component, students work with electrical, HVAC, arch sheet metal work, drywall, plumbing, concrete, solar energy, framing, brick and tile setting, and flooring.

The Tri-Counties Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program accepts individuals 18 years old and older to train with craftsmen as apprentices. Trades include heating, ventilating, air conditioning, architectural sheet metal, industrial sheet metal, kitchen equipment, specialty stainless steel work, custom fabricating, service, siding and decking, testing and balancing, and energy management and maintenance.

Tri-Counties Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National Association sponsor a million-dollar training facility in Ventura. Apprentices must complete 800 hours of classroom training and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training to become a journeyman sheet metal worker.

ACE school is accepting applications for incoming 2011-12 freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Call (805) 437-1410.

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