Harlem Wizards Put On A Show

Interception of a player.
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© Ronald Wilson/OUHSD

The Harlem Wizards Game took place in the Scorpion Dome on March 30th 2011. Proceeds for the game went toward the Class of 2012.

Students, family, and faculty gathered in the Scorpion Dome to watch The Harlem Wizards play basketball against the “Scorpions of Camarillo,” a team of basketball players from all over Camarillo coached by Cam High’s principal Mr. Glenn Lipman.

The Harlem Wizards combine elements of humor and athletics by playing a number of games with spectators such as Left versus Right and You’ve Been Tricked, and by performing exciting basketball tricks such as 360 Slam Dunks and Half-court shots.

“It was the most entertaining game of basketball I’ve ever seen!” said Jean-Luc Chamaa, junior. “It was funny, exciting and fast paced. I would definitely go again, and the fact that it raised so much money for our class was just a bonus.”

Chamaa was among one of the hundreds of students that gathered in the Cam High gym to watch The Harlem Wizards play against the best basketball players that Camarillo had to offer.

Among this group of players were ACHS teachers, such as Mr. Allan Sadowski, Mr. Dennis Riedmiller, and Mrs. Mary Perez. Along with ACHS teachers, guest players from other schools in Camarillo such as Tierra Linda and Las Colinas came along to play. Even Bo Jaxon, DJ for B95.1 radio station came out to play.

“It was hilarious!” said Jaxon. “I wish I could come out and do it every year!” The proceeds for The Harlem Wizards game went toward the class of 2012 and proved to be one of the ASB’s most unique and well-planned fundraising ideas.

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