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Dr. Soumakian.
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Dr. Gabe Soumakian
Dr. Gabe Soumakian will be visiting all OUHSD high school campuses on Monday, August 29th to introduce himself and welcome back all staff for the first day of school on Tuesday, August 30th.

“We are very fortunate to have dedicated staff that care deeply about our students and community. My initial focus this year is to build relationships one person at a time and also build individual capacity by focusing on each persons positive contribution that will nurture a high level of synergy in our organization.”

Dr. Soumakian has a vision and a Blueprint for Greatness to lead OUHSD into the twenty-first century. This commitment to success places Students First every day, in every school, and in every classroom. The three elements of the Blueprint for Greatness will focus on 1) the Promise to Learn and to be Proficient, 2) Network of Support for Students and Staff, and 3) Distributed Leadership with Courage to Lead.

Dr. Soumakian has the passion and drive for innovative and creative thinking that will enhance teaching and learning to meet the needs of our diverse students. He will share this vision with the community leaders on Wednesday, August 24th and at the school sites to welcome back the staff on Monday, August 29th.

“It is my vision to design the classroom of tomorrow, today, with leading technology and engaging strategies to close the achievement gap and allow our Special Needs and English Learner students to thrive. It is just as important to also challenge our high performing student with a wide spectrum of learning opportunities through distance-learning and blended-learning. Learning does not begin at the doorsteps of schools and it will not end when they leave the halls. Extending learning opportunities from Academies, ninth grade bridge program, ROP, the IB program to alternative education provides students the educational options and the appropriate learning environment in the right place at the right pace.”

Staff, parents, and community members are encouraged to “Like” Dr. Gabe Soumakian on facebook and follow him on twitter @sup_du_jour to learn more about Dr. Soumakian’s vision and priorities for the District as information is released. Keep in touch and keep connected with the exciting news in the Oxnard Union High School District as we strive for greatness.

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