Dance, Dance, and More Dance!

Students are posing for photo.
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© Nancy Oy/The Spartan
Adv Dance members (left to right): Adrian Castellon, Carolina Benitez, Mayra Vasquez, Kyle, Nayeli Rojas,Brenda Mojica, Joselin Padilla and Maggie Luna. © Nancy Oy/The Spartan
There are a multitude of peoplethat go to the winter Rio Mesa dance show in the Performing Arts Center to see our Dance Club perform. In many cases the winter dance show gets sold out right away. Sometimes the issue ofperforming in the OPAC is a goodthing but it may also be a badthing. So this is why for the first time in many years the annual winter dance show was performed in the RMHS gym instead of the Performing Arts Center. This event was schedule for 28.

This event had two shows in one night. The first show was at 5:00P.M. and the other one was at 7:00P.M. according to some dance students the reason why they did the dance show in the gym instead of the theater was because it created less tension in the classes and also in the dancers.

Some others said that because of the budget cuts the dance club didn’t get any money to perform in the theater. Magdalena Luna, a RMHS junior in Advance Dance said, “The experience of dancing in the gym was calmer because they didn’t have as many dances so it felt less stressful.”

Many of the other dancers felt that way but in other cases like for example like that of Nancy Morfin, RMHS senior in Dance Tech II, her experiences of dancing in the gym were different. She states, “It was more tiring, but worth it. It was also fun because they interacted with friends and people in the audience.”

To some other seniors in Advance Dance this was their last winter performance some of them were happy but some of them were sad because it was their last one. For example, Nayeli Rojas a RMHS Advance Dance senior, was really sad because it was her last winter performance but she said, “It felt amazing dancing in the gym just because it has two performances instead of one.” She said that it was great that she had a second chance to do what she loves to do which is dance. She also states that, “she feels really fortunate to have an experience dancing in the gym.”

Yes, sometimes change is hard or different, but sometimes change is good like this case.

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