Camarillo High’s standout seniors ready for future

Rora Oh, headshot.
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Rora Oh
Looking at Rora Oh’s high school accomplishments—her club involvement, academic success and list of awards for writing and journalism—it’s easy to see why she’s a standout senior at Camarillo High School. Also impressive are the 19-year-old Camarillo resident’s plans for the future.

The high school newspaper’s former editor in chief as well as an Advanced Placement Scholar, Rora will attend New York University, where she plans to major in politics with a minor in pre-law. She hopes to work as an attorney for a New York law firm.

Rora, who says math teacher Doris Jung is one of her favorites, also plans to explore her musical abilities—she’s a saxophonist who performed with numerous bands at ACHS—by playing in the jazz clubs of Greenwich Village.

A first-generation college student, Rora says her mom, Meesook Arnold, helped her realize her dream of attending NYU.

Peter Habashy
Peter Habashy knows what it means to overcome adversity. Not only did the 17-year-old Camarillo High School senior have to master a new language when he came to the United States from Egypt four years ago, but he must contend with the physical limitations that come from an autoimmune disorder called scleroderma.

Because of his condition, Peter has limited movement in his hands and fingers and often misses class for trips to the doctor’s office.

Despite these obstacles, Peter will graduate today from Camarillo High and plans to attend college in the fall and major in business or engineering.

Noah Young
When he was 11 years old, Noah Young was given his first guitar. For the Camarillo High School senior who loves music, the day was both great—he aspires to become a professional heavy metal musician— and disastrous—homework immediately took second fiddle to guitar practice.

The 18- year- old graduate paid the price for poor schoolwork. As a junior, he was nearly a year behind in credits, and nothing short of an all-out effort to make up for years of slacking would ensure he’d earn a high school diploma.

Noah buckled down, earned his credits at Frontier High School and then returned to Camarillo High. Today he’ll graduate.

Noah, son of Tim and Paige Young, said Swedish rock star Yngwie Malmsteen inspires him to practice guitar daily.

Noah plans to attend the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood.

Madison Alexander
Madison Alexander, a black belt in karate, is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross of Ventura County.

Madison, 17, plans to attend the Art Institute of Interior Design. She said her mother, Lorelie Alexander, has been the biggest influence in her life and Ida Lange was her favorite teacher.

The classes she enjoyed most were developmental psychology and vocational preschool; she said science was her favorite subject.

Madison would like to be a wedding planner and said she will miss her friends and the supportive learning environment at Camarillo High.

Tyler Lester
Tyler Lester, 18, will graduate today from Adolfo Camarillo High School despite the fact that he began his junior year nearly a year behind in class credits. Tyler attended Frontier High School for a year and returned to Camarillo High in his senior year on track to graduate.

A member of the high school’s wrestling team, Tyler plans to join the Navy and wants to serve as part of the explosive ordinance disposal unit.

Tyler said his grandfather, Don R. Smith, inspired him to be a better student and person and that Bryan Staples was his favorite teacher. He plans to attend Moorpark College in the fall.

He is the son of Wes and Kim Lester.

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