Cam High Wins Black and Blue Bowl

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Last Friday night the Rio Mesa Spartans kicked off to our Scorpions at our home stadium. After celebrating Anti-Spartan week, the football team was pumped to go for the win against Rio Mesa. As the stadium started filling up with fans, the football team was preparing for the biggest game of the season under the lights.

The game started with the Spartans kicking the ball off to Cam High. After being out on injury for most of the season Corbin Covey, junior, made his appearance by scoring the first touchdown of the game to start the score board at 6-0. Rio Mesa then made their way back up the field to score a touchdown for themselves to make the score 6-7.

Travis Valdez, junior, put points on the score board for Cam High again by running the ball in for a five yard touch down. The scoreboard then read 13-7.

After scoring two more touch downs on Cam High Rigo Guerrero, senior, answered back by scoring a one yard touch down to then make the score dead even at 20-20. Right before the second quarter ended, the Spartans managed to score one more touch down giving them the lead going into half time.

After half time the Scorps came running out of the locker rooms fired up once again. Eager to play their best and win the game, the football players all had their own strategies coming into the second half of the game. “When in doubt, fire out,” said Dan Victoria, junior.

The third quarter opened up with the Spartans scoring another touchdown and kicking another field goal to make the score 20- 37. Conrad Kotake, senior, answered back right away by scoring an 8 yard touch down and putting seven more points up on the board for Camarillo.

Following Kotake’s touchdown, Corbin Covey made an amazing 39 yard touchdown to make the score 34-37. Conrad Kotake then ran 2 yards for his second touchdown of the night. After three unanswered touchdowns for Camarillo, the Spartans scored one more touch down to make the score 41-44.

Within the last 2 minutes of the game Kotake scored one last touch down for Camarillo to make the score 48-44. Wanting to win the game once and for all, the Scorpions put everything they had into stopping the Spartans from scoring again. Within the last minute of the game the Spartans managed to get the ball all the way up to the five yard line. With two seconds to go the Spartans fumbled the ball leaving Brandon Knupp, junior, to pick it up and finally assure that the Camarillo Scorpions won the big game.

“We knew coming into the game that it was going to be a tough one, but we all just kept our heads up and pulled together to come out on top,” said Knupp. The head coach of the football team, Coach Reidmiller, was ecstatic that his players pulled together for the win. “I had my doubts at 34-37 but all of our players worked hard and fought for the win. I’ve been involved in a lot of really good football games and I’ve got to say this game was one of the best.”

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