Cam High Will Never Forget

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The tenth anniversary of 9/11 struck an emotional cord across the nation. In honor of the day, Cam High students created a memorial in front of the school.

Katelyn White, senior, and 2011 graduate, Rachel Jonas, set up the memorial last year. This year, National Honors Society and several other students were involved.

President of National Honors Society, Megan Friedlander, senior, commented on the school displaying a memorial. “I thought it was a great idea for our school to honor those who lost their lives on that day. I’m proud of National Honors Society members, as well as outside students who participated in the patriotic event.”

The memorial was a clever symbol representing the events of 9/11. In the front of the school, miniature American flags formed the numbers 9/11 in the grass. The round part of the number nine was shaped as a pentagon. The dash between the two numbers was an airplane and the number eleven represented the twin towers, which symbolized the plane that crashed into the towers.

Chelsea Marshall, junior, said she noticed the memorial in the morning before school. She commented, “That was awesome. I really just liked the whole symbolism of it.”

Many students during school lingered around the front, curious of the display.

Andrea Ocampo, junior, had helped create the memorial. She shared, “I thought it was pretty clever and meaningful. It was nice that our school did something because I heard that some high schools didn’t do anything.”

Students were also buzzing about the memorial made in New York. They had created an amazing waterfall display that included the names of all those who had lost their lives that day.

Even after ten years of healing, 9/11 is a day that America will never forget. Students are too young to remember, but Mrs. Rita Neumeister, teacher, recalled that tragic day.

“I remember my son saying ‘Mom, come look at the TV,’ ” she said. Neumeister thought of a graduated student she had kept in contact with.

He lived in New York and was attending NYU. Worried, she emailed and called his cell phone, but there was no service on his end.

She called his mother, but she was also unable to reach him.

“I remember going to school, not turning on the TV in my room, and trying to do something normal,” she added.

Her student contacted her and she was delighted to hear he was doing okay. It turns out that he had been busy helping with the cause.

9/11 is a tragic day in American history, yet it also honors the memory of the loved ones lost that day.

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