Baseball is Looking Forward to a Great Season

Baseball team is posing for photo.
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© El Espartano Yearbook Staff
The 2010-2011 Boys Varsity Baseball Team © El Espartano Yearbook Staff
Every season at Rio Mesa High School you can find the student body going to support their favorite athletes at sporting events. During the fall, they go to cheer for the football team. During the winter, it’s all about basketball and in spring time it’s the baseball team turn to be in the spotlight. It is great that our school can come together as one to support our athletes but the thing is the students support the players as a whole. They don’t really get to know the players individually. In this article you will get to know about the Rio Mesa High School Varsity Baseball team as a whole and individually.

Every great athlete has a reason why they play their respective sport. In the baseball team each player has a different reason of why they love to play the game. Right fielder Kevin Jamerson has “been playing since I was five. I just enjoy it and always have and I don’t plan on ending it soon.”

First, 2nd and 3rd baseman Josh Arroyo says, “Baseball has always been my favorite sport since I was little. Being able to go see the Dodgers play when I was younger made me fall in love with the game.”

Pitcher Alex “AV” Van es says,“Baseball is my passion. The competition, intensity and hardwork attracts me to the sport.”

Second baseman Isaac Castroenjoys “the competition, how difficult yet rewarding it is to succeed [during a game].”

Center fielder and Team Captain Kyle Kemper loves “everything about the game, from the crack of the bat to the pop of the glove.”

First baseman Ben Quantock says the reason he enjoys playing baseball is, “I get to hang out with Dave Soliz.”

Outfielder Trenton Thornton thinks, “Baseball is really fun and I have been playing since I was little. I first started playing organized baseball when I was five years old, and have played ever since.”

Catcher and 3rd baseman Elijah Ontiveros has a great time playing the sport because, “Something new is going to happen every day and I get a big thrill from it. I like how much thinking is involved.”

Left fielder and 3rd baseman Peter Hartin likes “the competiveness and all my friends.”

Pitcher, catcher, 3rd baseman and shortstop Daniel “Dano” Lermasays, “I enjoy playing because it takes my mind off of everything. I love competing and trying to outscore someone else. Being able to be the best you can be is a reason I love the game.”

Pitcher and outfielder Casey “C-Rod” Rodriguez says “I just love playing. Ever since I was little, I just wanted to play baseball.”

Outfielder Albert Rodriguez likes “playing baseball because my brother is the one that got me in to it.”

Third baseman Alex Torres plays this sport because “it‘s a family thing.”

Another thing that these athletes have in common is the fact that they all have been influenced by someone else. To some it has been a family member, to others it can be a teammate, professional athlete or even a past event. Alex Ts’ influence has been his grandfather. Albert’s influence has been his brother. Peter’s influence is his dad. Josh’s considers his parents as his greatest influence. Elijah’s influence has been his family members that have played baseball. Ben lists his uncle as his biggest influence. Casey’s influence has been “my dad. He always pushes me to be my best.”

Dano’s influence include his “parents and Uncle Kenny because they support and push me to work hard.”

Isaac says, “My biggest influence is the constant support and help I get from my parents and coaches.”

Alex V’s major influence has been “my teammate, Daniel Lerma. He contributes the utmost effort to boost my performance and confidence.”

Kyle looks up to “professional athletes. I want to be as good as them.”

Kevin’s influence comes from “two years ago when we won league.”

Trenton’s influences are “my parents, my cousins, who have played baseball, my siblings, my team and the professionals, who all of us look up to.”

Although personal performance is important for a player to succeed, it also matter how well he works with his teammates. A. Torres believes “we have great chemistry, we all get along and all do our jobs.”

Peter says, “We have great teamwork this year.”

Elijah thinks, “This year’s team is one of the best working teams I have seen in a while.”

“The team works together very well. In order to win, we have to work together. We don’t have enough firepower to not work together,” thinks Alex V.

Albert’s outlook on the team is “[the team] has good chemistry because we can all joke around and make fun of each other without taking it to the heart.”

“Our team is just one big family. We yell and fight with each other sometimes, but when we‘re on the field we got each other’s backs,” says Isaac.

Dano believes, “The team this year is very hard working and ready to compete. We are a family.”

“I think we work well together. We might not have that scary power hitter but we have a solid all-around team,” says Kevin.

Casey’s opinion on how the team works together is “[the team] works together very well. Everyone on our team gets along. ”

Trenton thinks, “The team gets along really well most of the time we have a lot of fun together, especially at family dinners.”

“Everyone gets along on the team. We have good chemistry,” thinks Josh.

Kyle says that the way the team works together is “good. We all get along.”

“The team works together very well and we are all very close,” says Ben.

It’s a good thing that this team works well together because they do have some obstacles to overcome.

“[We need to overcome] last year’s season,” states Isaac. Alex T. thinks it’s a necessity for the team is “to win the Cam and Oxnard series.”

“We are a pretty young team but we just need to stop making little mistakes and we should be fine,” commented Josh.

“All we need to do is understand that we can compete with any team and all we have to do is stay hungry and healthy,” states Kevin.

“We need to become more fundamentally sound,” states Ben.

Elijah says the obstacles the team needs to overcome are “the tough couple of losses at the beginning of the season.”

Trenton thinks, “We really need to come together and focus on playing our game and not making errors.”

“We are not a ‘strong’ team,” expresses Kyle.

Peter doesn’t really see any obstacles. “[We] just need to keep working hard.”

“Up by 10 or down by 10, we need to learn how to battle all games every game. Never get down or give up,” contributes Dano.

“We need to overcome the obstacle of performing in the clutch. With the game on the line, we have to have the big hit or strikeout,” says A.V.

“Our hitting is not that strong this year. Our pitching will make up for this,” is Casey’s opinion.

“The obstacle we need to overcome is to be able to beat Oxnard and Camarillo to win PVL,” is Albert’s opinion.

Speaking of beating Camarillo and Oxnard, the boys think that these two teams are their biggest competition. To have a successful season, it is vital to beat both of these teams. Dano says it best when he says “We have to beat Camarillo. It‘s a rivalry game and we both have very good pitching, but we have more heat.”

Aside from this goal, the boys have other goals. The team’s main goals are winning PVL and CIF. Some of the players have personal goals. Peter’s goal is “to have a good batting average.”

“My goal is to win the PVL. With Camarillo winning last year, winning league will be one of many goals,” says A.V.

“My main goal is to win league. Also, I want to get all-county and all league,” states Casey.

“Do whatever I need to do to help my team win and come out with the win,” is Kevin’s goal.

Dano’s goal is “to get better every game and win a PVL and CIF championship.”

The team might share similar goals but they do not all share the favorite MLB team. Some of the teams the guys like are the Boston Red Sox, St .Louis Cardinals, New York Mets and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The most liked MLB team by the RMHS Varsity baseball team is the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The players that like this team include most of the seniors. This season marks their last season as Spartans and there are some things that they will miss and there are things that they will remember, like their greatest accomplishments. Senior Kevin Jamerson will “miss my teammates and the team dinners. Also, competing at this level because baseball at a higher level becomes more serious and there‘s more pressure.”

“My greatest accomplishment playing for RMHS was winning a PVL championship sophomore year in a comeback championship game versus Camarillo. The thing I will miss the most is playing with my friends,” says Senior Daniel “Dano” Lerma.

“I will miss all my teammates. My greatest accomplishment while being a Spartan was receiving 1st team all-league last year,” states Senior Casey “C-Rod” Rodriguez.

“Winning league sophomore year is definitely my greatest accomplishment here at RMHS. I will miss team dinners that we have every night before a game,” says Senior Kyle Kemper.

To know the team you support is great but to actually know the players individually is even better!

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