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Around the World in 40-Minutes

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On May 25th, 2011, the AP Art History class had a unique and original activity that relied on the creativity, team-work, and lessons the students have learned in the last unit. The “Cultural Festival” was an activity made by Mrs. Bonnie Mills, in which the students had to put together the things they learned, along with some effort, and lots of imagination. Each group needed to decide a piece of art that inspired them, then chose the country in which that piece of art is from and finally make some traditional foods that represents the country.

“It’s an opportunity for the students to share their knowledge in this area of study…it gives the students the common goal to team up for this presentation,” said Mrs. Bonnie Mills, whose pride could not be hidden. The class was divided into six countries: Italy, U.S., Germany, France, Greece, and Japan.

“Basically all we wanted was to wear togas,” commented the entire Greek-team. Their inspiration was the Parthenon, and their menu included baklavas (typical dessert), kourabides (cookies), salad, grape juice (representing wine), and some other things.

Also as part of the activity, Mrs. Mills invited people of the Administration. Mr. Lipman, Mr. Senesac, and others enjoyed the food and the atmosphere from the various countries in the class. “It gave the students the opportunity to share their excitement, and to feel proud of what they did,” added Mr. Mills.

“We enjoy the Impressionistic period of France,” said senior, Emily Landa, who was part of the French-team. France was inspired by The Façade of Rouen Cathedral by Monet, and they focused more on desserts such as strawberries covered with chocolate, crepes with Nutella, grape juice (as wine), etc. Next to them, the Japan-team impressed the public with their eastern atmosphere. Sushi, sticks of Pocky, girls dressed with kimonos, boiled rice, tea, and the background of the The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai made the Japan-team one of the most brilliant teams.

The Calling of St. Matthew by Caravaggio was the masterpiece for the Italian-team. It demonstrated their spirit of team-work and ingenuity, they represented the Leaning Tower by crafting rows of mini-pizzas into leaning towers, had huge paninis, Italian sodas, and Bolognese spaghetti. However, they had a tough competition with the U.S.-team, whose inspirational art was the Campbell’s Soup Can, “Personally [Andy Warhol] is my favorite, but we decided as a group because we like pop art,” said junior, Kaitlyn Fung. This country brought the flavor of French fries with hamburgers and a glass of coke, and for dessert they brought apple-pie.

The “Cultural Festival” was an activity that combined the fun of sharing time with friends with the educational part of an Art Class. It also demonstrated the inventiveness of Cam High’s students.

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