A Runner’s Last Stand

Adam Lucero, headshot.
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Adam Lucero

Four years of training and competing have come to this; one last chance for seniors to make a statement in their athletic career. All the fatigue from training day to day is fueled by the goal of being the best.

For Adam Lucero, senior, this is his mentality every day. Preparation is an important aspect that all athletes need to use in order to keep growing and improving. Lucero, knowing very well that this is his last cross country season as a Scorpion, has been training hard since summer began.

“I’ve been on a healthier diet and have been getting a good amount of sleep to stay in tip-top shape. My goal is to start off strong in my first couple of races, and be able to continue that momentum throughout the year.” Lucero said.

Much of the success in his races is contributed to his pre-game routine. He begins stretching three hours prior to the race and eats a small, healthy snack to get his body prepared. Around one hour before the race, he clears his mind for a while, then he grabs his iPod to get pumped and begins to jog. Lucero has had many accomplishments as a cross country runner throughout his high school career. He was successful enough his junior year to earn the honor of being named Ventura County’s Junior Runner of the Year. Mr. Mike Smith, coach of the boys cross country team, has seen Lucero’s work ethic up close.

“I feel this determination has led Adam to his growth as a runner. His work ethic goes right along with his performance. Adam has become a very hard worker almost to the point of being obsessed a little bit.” said Smith.

Cam High’s cross country program has had success as a team competing year in and year out in CIF. Lucero believes that Cam High’s success is due to the runners’ competitiveness and friendship. “We grow as a team, and when one runner improves, we all strive to improve and keep up,” explained Lucero.

Lucero is optimistic about Cam High’s cross country team in this upcoming season. He believes Smith’s experience helps the team prepare for the season and peak at the right times.

“I’m feeling pretty good about the team, we have a few injuries right now but we are ranked fourth in the state for this preseason. We’re looking to move up our rank as soon as we start the season off and go to CIF as a team,” said Lucero.

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