A Record Breaking Pass

Jake Maulhardt, headshot.
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Jake Maulhardt

Jake Maulhardt, senior, hauled in 28 passes for 351 yards with three touchdowns at Canyon High School on September 23. At the end of the game, Maulhardt just believed it was another day of work and did not realize the magnitude of this accomplishment.

At first, when the coaches told Maulhardt that he had 28 catches, he understood it as quarterback Michael Marin, sophomore, had completed that many passes.

“I was kind of happy but at the same time I was disappointed because we had a long bus ride home after losing the game” Maulhardt said.

After the game, Mr. Dennis Riedmiller, coach, said that Marin had good ball placement throughout the game. Marin felt that he started getting into rhythm with Maulhardt in the second half, when they connected on a frozen rope pass for a touchdown, putting Cam High on the board, 7-21.

Being 6’7” made Maulhardt a matchup problem to Canyon’s defensive backs. With a combination of strength, speed, athleticism, and good hands, double and even triple coverage was inevitable. Even then, he found a way to get open. “He just gets open and I get him the ball.” Marin said.

Jake Maulhardt is a team oriented player, willing to do whatever is needed to get the win. “He was up in the middle and I did not mean to throw it that high and he jumped over three people and caught it.” Marin said.

Riedmiller says Maulhardt’s success is rooted in the work he has done through his four years in high school. Riedmiller believes that the strength and speed makes him a matchup problem for any defensive back, which is why Maulhardt owns every single receiving record at Cam High. Reidmiller believes Maulhardt’s growth as a player will lead to success at the college level.

“Well, you know it’s always tough for a true freshman to come in and get playing time, but I’ll tell you this right now, being 6’7 and going to a program where he will be doing football 24/7… by the time he is a sophomore, he will be on the field all the time.”

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