New Drum Major

Carlos Rodriguez, headshot.

Anyone who goes to football games or rallies always see that one person who stands in front of the band, waving their arms at them, yelling commands, and directs them on to the football field or in to the gym. That one person is the drum major, and every year, a new one must be […]

Almost There

Last Tuesday Cam’s varsity volleyball team played against Valley Christian for a pass to the final at Cam’s gym. The game started at 7 o’clock, and the gym was full of students from both high schools, and members from our staff including Ms. Nelson, Ms Lawler, Mr. Carroll, assistant principal Mr. Senessac, Principal Glen Lipman […]

Students build green robots to clean up trash, hug trees

Winners of the competition.

On May 21st, Hueneme High School hosted the 1st annual OUHSD Green Robotics Competition (GRC). This year’s competition was an answer to a common problem on all high school campuses, litter. After lunch there is trash all over the ground. The custodians do a great job of cleaning it up, but it takes time to […]