Dance, Dance, and More Dance!

Students are posing for photo.

There are a multitude of peoplethat go to the winter Rio Mesa dance show in the Performing Arts Center to see our Dance Club perform. In many cases the winter dance show gets sold out right away. Sometimes the issue ofperforming in the OPAC is a goodthing but it may also be a badthing. So […]

And the Beat Goes On: Music Appreciation Club

Boys are playing music.

Music Appreciation Club would be considered a worthwhile visit for all music enthusiasts in Rio Mesa. Once you step into Mr. Saunders’ room P-6, you will be surrounded by posters of The Beatles and people who love playing music, who gather on Wednesdays to jam. Mr. Saunders said there are three main focuses of this […]

She Has Passion for Soccer

Stephany Vasquez, headshot.

Have you ever met a person that is so passionate about a sport that she talks about it all the time? Well, if you haven’t then you should pay attention to this story. Her name is Stephanie Vazquez she is currently a senior in RMHS. The sport that she is so passionate about is soccer. […]


McKnett is posing for photo.

The Rio Mesas girls’ varsity water polo team has had a seven year winning streak. This means they have gone without losing any league games for seven years straight! Part of this is due to their coach. Mr. McKnett is currently Rio Mesa High School’s girls’ varsity water polo coach. Mr. McKnett has been coaching […]

Take Down!

Wrestling club is posing for photo.

Some attributes of an elite wrestle rare that they must have the strength of a body builder, cardio of a cross country runner, and brains of a chess grandmaster. This is aseason wrap-up about Rio Mesa Spartan Wrestlers during winter 2010-2011 on how they had a greatseason. Despite through cutting weight, not eating, intense practices, […]

Baseball is Looking Forward to a Great Season

Baseball team is posing for photo.

Every season at Rio Mesa High School you can find the student body going to support their favorite athletes at sporting events. During the fall, they go to cheer for the football team. During the winter, it’s all about basketball and in spring time it’s the baseball team turn to be in the spotlight. It […]

Giulia Ortolani

Giulia is smiling.

As I’m sure the school has begun to notice, Rio Mesa High School has recently been visited by multiple foreign exchange students from all over the world. One student in particular, Giulia Ortolani , stands out above the rest. Giulia is a senior from Italy and although she is only staying In America for a […]