Hueneme wins OUHSD’s Inaugural Math Competition

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© John Cressy/OUHSD
Pictured are the top three finishers in each level of the 2010 Inaugural District Mathematics Competition on May 22. © John Cressy/OUHSD
Despite having the fewest number of entrants, Hueneme High School beat the odds by winning the Oxnard Union High School District’s 2010 Inaugural Mathematics Competition on May 22.

Viking mathematicians placed first by outpointing runner-up Oxnard High in the contest held on the Channel Islands High School campus. Rio Mesa High finished third.

Students worked individually and in teams to solve problems in four levels of math – Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Beyond Algebra 2.

“It’s a chance for kids to have fun doing math,” said Jim Short, OUHSD’s Math/Science Data Resource Teacher. “We give them interesting problems to solve that engages their critical-thinking skills.”

All participants received a Certificate of Appreciation, with those placing in the top three at each level also earning medals. They were:

  • Algebra 1: 1. Celso Rosas (Hueneme); 2. Sergio Hernandez (Channel Islands); 3. (tie) Christina Tellez (Rio Mesa) and Ramon Mijares (Rio Mesa).
  • Geometry: 1. (tie) Royal Siu (Oxnard) and Ky Huynh (Pacifica); 2. Kevin Griffin (Rio Mesa); 3. Matt Wellesley (Oxnard).
  • Algebra 2: 1. Salvador Brito (Channel Islands); 2. (tie) Miseal Sanchez (Hueneme) and Austin Claggett (Rio Mesa); 3. Carlos Espinoza (Oxnard).
  • Beyond Algebra 2: Jan Aquino (Channel Islands); 2. Karen Watson (Oxnard); 3. Lucio Belmonte (Hueneme).

The names of the first-place finishers at each level were placed in a hat, and Pacifica High’s Ky Huynh’s name was drawn. He won a $150 TI-Nspire calculator.

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