Rancho Campana High School

Construction Progress


Rancho Campana High School (RCHS) is a new 700 student comprehensive academy high school for grades 9-12. RCHS will have the potential to expand to serve 1000 students. The school is being built on a 28 acre site in Camarillo (near the Camarillo Public Library) and will provide high quality public education for the Camarillo and Somis communities. The school concept will provide a rigorous project-based curriculum in the context of three enrichment themes offering an academic instructional program that provides the A-G coursework required to meet both the California State University and the University of California entrance requirements. The facility will include both indoor and outdoor learning spaces for all areas of coursework as well as a performing arts center that will serve both the school and the community.


Rancho Campana High School Temporary School Office:
400 Mobil Ave. Suite D9
Camarillo, CA 93010

Office Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday


August 2015


Construction Activities:

Rancho Campana High School will open for classes on September 2.  The pace of construction during August will be intense, with crews working across the entire site and in the surrounding streets. The Administration Building is now substantially complete.  In that building crews are addressing final installations and finishes in preparation for occupancy.  Science and Technology Classroom Buildings will wrap-up next.  The Art Classroom Building will be the final classroom building to finish.  In the Food Service Building cooking equipment is staged and being connected for use.  The PE complex nearly finished.  Sectional “roll up” doors are being installed in several classrooms, as well as in the PE and Food Service buildings.  These doors will allow building walls to be opened to the outdoors.  Dozens of workers are installing flatwork and landscaping in the courtyards around and between the buildings.  Concrete workers lead this effort, followed closely by grading crews and paver installers.  Work on Phase II (PAC and Performing Arts Classrooms) continues on pace.  Ironworkers are installing corrugated decking on the roof of the PAC, while fitting and welding continues on the interior structure, catwalks, stairways and backing for acoustical features.


Between now and September 2, everything required for occupancy of Phase I will be completed.  Furniture, school supplies and equipment will be delivered and staged starting in mid-August.  The intersection at Camino Alvarez and Las Posas will be opened and the traffic signal activated.  Phase II areas, which are not required for initial school occupancy, will remain construction zones and will be turned-over to the school as they are finished.

Rancho Campana – High Performance and Ecologically Responsible

RCHS will meet the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and High Performance Incentive (HPI) criteria.  Sustainable building practices are being implemented to assist in balancing the carbon footprint, controlling waste production and water conservation.  Sustainable features of the school will include passive natural ventilation and extensive natural day lighting in the classrooms, access to exterior views and outdoor learning

spaces, cool roofs, low flow plumbing fixtures, location for photo voltaic solar panels, low decibel, acoustically optimum learning environments, and adaptive vegetation for landscaping.

Rancho Campana High School 2014 – 2015 Powerpoint


Interested in Rancho Campana?


Rancho Campana High School Parent Information Night Presentation



How Big Will The School Be?

The school will open with freshmen and sophomore students. Our target will be 400 students, with 200 at each grade level. Each subsequent year we will add a grade level until the school has freshmen through seniors. Since it is a school that students must apply to attend we will be able to cap enrollment at 800 students. Each grade level will have approximately 200 students as we are anticipating a very low attrition rate. The school will be built to accommodate 800 students with phased expansion to a maximum of 1000 students if needed on the portion of the site presently annexed to the City of Camarillo. Enrollment projections indicate that the 800-seat school should meet growth for the next ten (10) years after the school opens. If enrollment grows beyond 1000, the District will need to annex the remainder of the site in a future public process that seeks public input and environmental review.

Will My Student Be Able To Participate In Sports?

As a “small” high school, the site will provide access to dance, band, exercise and recreational programs on-site. Students will be also able to participate in interscholastic athletics through a multi-school agreement with Rio Mesa High School and Adolfo Camarillo High School; whichever is their neighborhood school.

Is There A Vision For Athletics At Rancho Campana?

Athletics are an important part of the overall high school experience for our students. While we will always see academics as our first priority, it is important that we support students who choose to participate in the athletic program at the high school level. We will do what we can to ensure that our students have the opportunities to be involved in interscholastic athletics at the high school level.

Will The School Have 6th Period Advanced Physical Education For Athletics?

Students who choose to compete in interscholastic athletics at their school of residence will be enrolled in Advanced Physical Education during 6th period so they may travel to their school of residence and participate in practice. Rancho Campana will give students who participate in interscholastic athletic competition every consideration they would receive if they were at their school of residence.

Will Attending Rancho Campana Be A Factor In Team Selection?

Students who attend Rancho Campana will have an equal opportunity to be selected for the interscholastic teams at their school of residence. They will not be given any kind of priority nor, will there be a quota for team selection. On teams that have a limited number of participants, tryouts will be used to select the members of the teams. Rancho Campana students will be able to participate in these tryouts with an equal chance of being selected.

Tell Me More About The Performing Arts Center?

The site will provide 700-seat theater with a fly loft, a black box theater, and spacious dressing rooms and related supporting utilities that will service the school’s enrichment theme of the arts. As a community resource, the performing arts center will also host community-based theater and traveling performance companies for the entire Camarillo community.

Will The Design Of The New Academy High School & Performing Arts Center Complement The Camarillo Public Library?

Yes, but it won’t match the specific style of the library. It will have architectural details with terracotta design elements that capture the Camarillo character without the challenges of building a large performing arts center in a mission revival (Camarillo traditional) style. The design will match the white stucco with bronze windows of the library. However, in keeping with the high-performance goals, the school will have far larger windows and features to project light deep into the classrooms.

When Will The School Open?

OUHSD has challenged our consultant team to deliver the new school on a highly expedited schedule to welcome freshmen and sophomores in August 2015. The project is on target to meet this date, but we still have to complete construction, which we hope will proceed without any major delays. Be assured that we will do everything that we can to open for the fall of 2015.

Is There Enough Funding To Really Build This Project?

Yes. Using funds from Measure H, OUHSD is fully funded and committed to this project.

When Will The Application Process Begin For Students To Enroll?

The application process will be the first step in enrollment for Rancho Campana High School. Students must be selected for attendance before the registration for classes begins. Applications will be available at your students’ school site, at the OUHSD District Office, or online at ouhsd.k12.ca.us starting November 1, 2014.  Applications are due December 1, 2014 by 4:00PM and can be submitted digitally or in person at OUHSD Office (309 South K St, Oxnard), so that they can be processed and parents can be notified before registration begins. We anticipate that in subsequent years we will use this same timeline for enrollment of incoming freshmen.

Will Students Need To Reapply Each Year?

No, once they are accepted, students are expected to complete their high school requirements at Rancho Campana High School.

When Will Registration Begin?

Since the school will open for the fall semester of the 2015-16 school year we will need to begin the registration process in January – February 2015.  The staff and administration of Rancho Campana High School will set up meetings for registration for those students selected to attend. A RCHS Counselor will visit your students’ school site to begin the registration process.  Parent meetings will be held to complete the registration process.

Who Will Attend This School?

Students who live in the following zip code areas may apply for admittance: 93010, 93012 and 93066. The students who apply must demonstrate a commitment to take on the challenges inherent in a focused curriculum that will have the rigor needed to complete a pathway in Engineering, Health Sciences, and Arts and Entertainment. The enrollment at each grade level will be limited to 200 students.

Will There Be A Lottery To Attend?

If we have more than 200 students applying to attend at each of the two grade levels, that will open the school, we will use a lottery system to determine those who will be offered enrollment. In subsequent years we will use the lottery system, if needed, for the freshmen enrollment.

How Will The Lottery Be Conducted?

All applications submitted by December 1, 2014 by 4:00PM will be included in the lottery. A random selector will be used to select the 200 and a waiting list, in case some selected choose not to attend.

What Is The Capacity Of The School?

The school will open with a capacity of 800 students. There are options for expanding to 1000 students in the future if it is needed.

Should Parents Home School Their Children For 9th Grade?

It will not be necessary to home school freshmen students who intend to apply for enrollment to
Rancho Campana.  In 2015-2016 the students who attended an OUHSD school for their freshmen year and are selected to enroll at Rancho Campana High School will be able to quickly assimilate into the startup of the specialized programs that will be offered as part of the curriculum.

Do The Residen<br /> ts Of Camarillo Get Priority For Registration?

Residents of the city of Camarillo and the surrounding areas (the following zip code areas: 93010, 93012 and 93066) will be given priority for registration. Students living outside of these areas will be enrolled if there are not 200 students that apply for enrollment. If more students from outside of Camarillo and its contiguous areas apply than can be accommodated with a 200 student limit then the lottery system will be used for the enrollment of those students.

Will Siblings Get Priority In The Future?

Yes, the first year we will be enrolling both freshmen and sophomores. If a student selected this year is a freshman or a sophomore, any siblings they have who are freshmen or sophomores would also be invited to enroll. Once a student is enrolled at Rancho Campana younger siblings would be invited to enroll as they enter their freshman year, for as long as a sibling continues to be enrolled. Upper classman, who later decide that they would like to enroll would not have a sibling priority. Sometimes students may have siblings in the same grade level for a variety of reasons. If this is the situation, when a freshman is selected, their sibling or siblings would be invited to enroll as fellow freshmen.

How Will You Handle Kids With Special Needs?

There will be accommodations for special needs students.

When Will The Performing Arts Building Be Finished?

The Performing Arts building is scheduled for completion in the fall semester of the 2015-2016 school year. This could of course be altered by any delays in the construction process. The facilities needed to begin the programs in the focus area of Arts and Entertainment will be provided in anticipation of the opening of the Performing Arts building for demonstrations of student learning in all of the facets of Rancho Campana High School.

Will There Be Bussing?

Home to school and school to home busing will not be provided. Students and parents that choose to attend Rancho Campana High School will be responsible for transportation.

Busses will be provided for students who wish to participate in the athletic programs at Rio Mesa High School and Adolfo Camarillo High School. Bussing will be provided from RCHS to their home athletic sites, and will not be provided back to RCHS.  Students must live in the attendance area of the school to participate in its athletic program.

How Will You Select The Staff?

Staff will be transferred from other sites within the Oxnard Union High School District and hired from outside the district when necessary. Transfers will be based on the qualifications and expertise of the teachers and staff as stated in the teacher contract.  When two or more faculty members have equal qualifications and expertise the transfer will be based on seniority. Human Resources, along with the principal, when hired, will conduct interviews to determine qualifications and expertise, and will work with the Human Resources Division to determine seniority.

How Will You Select Administration?

The position will be advertised and a candidate will be selected based on who is best suited for the opening of a school with the unique aspects of Rancho Campana High School. This person will possess the expertise necessary to effectively lead a school that is focused on Linked Learning and implementation of 21st Century learning skills.

How Will You Select The Principal?

It is anticipated that the OUHSD Board will appoint principal on December 10, 2014.  The position will be advertised and a candidate will be selected based on who is best suited for the opening of a school with the unique aspects of Rancho Campana High School. This person will possess the expertise necessary to effectively lead a school that is focused on Linked Learning and implementation of 21st Century learning skills.

What Will The Technology Look Like?

This has been a concern since the inception of the concept of Rancho Campana High School. Technology is changing so rapidly that whatever we plan for in 2013 will be behind the curve in 2015. We anticipate equipping our classrooms with the latest interactive learning and teaching tools that are available when we open in 2015-2016. We also anticipate developing a plan for phasing in any new technologies that become available as the school continues to grow. This school will be equipped with the technologies necessary to provide a state of the art program in Engineering, Health Sciences, and Arts and Entertainment.

Is This Going To Be A Stem School?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math will be cornerstones of the curriculum at Rancho Campana High School. The curriculum of the school will go even further. STEAM would be a more accurate acronym: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Rancho Campana High School will have a curriculum based upon and a focus on the areas of Engineering, Health Sciences, and Arts and Entertainment.

Will My Student Be Able To Meet The A-G Requirements?

The curriculum at Rancho Campana will be based upon the focus areas of Engineering, Health Sciences, and Arts and Entertainment. Imbedded in each of these areas will be the courses that all students will need to meet the requirements for enrollment in the University of California system, the California State University system, as well as public and private universities throughout the United States. Students will also have well positioned themselves to compete for admittance to highly selective universities that have these focus areas as areas of priority.

Will Students Be Able To Take Honors/Ap Classes

The expectation is that all of the students will challenge themselves with a rigorous curriculum. Additionally, we plan on offering a wide range of Advance Placement and Honors classes that will meet the needs of our students.

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