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Technology Services

Tech Support

Submit a ticket to the Technology Service Helpdesk for an ongoing issue or new service request


Ventura Borjon
Desktop Support Technician
Email: ventura.borjon@oxnardunion.org

Korrine Boswell
Desktop Support Technician
Email: korrine.boswell@oxnardunion.org

Timothy Hardison
Technology Support Assistant
Email: timothy.hardison@oxnardunion.org

Network Administrator/Security

Joanne Powers
Senior Systems Administrator
Telephone: 805-278-3203
Email: joanne.powers@oxnardunion.org

Laarni Lacquement
SIS/State Report Specialist
Telephone: 805-834-1442
Email: Laarni.Lacquement@oxnardunion.org

David Walker
SIS/Data Reporting Specialist
Telephone: 805-385-2568
Email: david.walker@oxnardunion.org

Michael Nelson
Database and Programmer Analyst
Telephone: 805-385-5203
Email: michael.nelson@oxnardunion.org

Teodoro Lopez
Web & Multimedia Coordinator
Telephone: 805-385-5828
Email: teodoro.lopez@oxnardunion.org

School Site Techs

Charles Tapee
Desktop Support Technician
Adolfo Camarillo High School
Telephone: 805-385-8901
Email: charles.tapee@oxnardunion.org

David Lin
Desktop Support Technician
Channel Islands High School
Telephone: 805-385-5759
Email: david.lin@oxnardunion.org

Josue Vasquez
Desktop Support Technician
Hueneme High School
Telephone: 805-385-8904
Email: josue.vasquez@oxnardunion.org

Aaron Ramirez
Desktop Support Technician
Oxnard High School
Telephone: 805-385-8902
Email: aaron.ramirez@oxnardunion.org

Robert Greaves
Desktop Support Technician
Pacifica High School
Telephone: 805-385-5799
Email: robert.greaves@oxnardunion.org

Sonu Mobin
Desktop Support Technician
Rancho Campana
Telephone: 805-385-5929
Email: Mohtashim.Mobin@oxnardunion.org

Will Brogdon
Desktop Support Technician
Rio Mesa High School
Telephone: 805-278-1235
Email: will.brogdon@oxnardunion.org