Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM Statement

It is the goal of Oxnard Union High School District (All Campuses) to implement IPM by focusing on long-term prevention or suppression of pests through accurate pest identification, by frequent monitoring for pest presence, by applying appropriate action levels, and by making the habitat less conducive to pests using sanitation and mechanical and physical controls. Pesticides that are effective will be used in a manner that minimizes risks to people, property, and the environment, and only after other options have been shown ineffective.

It is the intent of the Oxnard Union High School District to minimize the use of chemical pesticides. When their use cannot be avoided, we will strive to utilize the least toxic appropriate method.

Annual Notification of Pesticide Use at School Sites

The Healthy Schools Act requires that all schools provide parents or guardians of students with annual written notification of expected pesticide use on school sites. All parents will be notified via Parent Square. If you do not wish to be notified before each pesticide application please fill out the online form below:

Notificación Anual de Uso de Pesticida en Las Escuelas

La Ley de Escuelas Saludables requiere que todas las escuelas proporcionen a los padres o tutor de los estudiantes una notificación anual. Todos los padres serán notificados a través de Parent Square. Si no desea ser notificado antes de cada aplicación por favor de llenar la forma:

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