Admin & Organization Support


  • The Administrator’s Academy is an in-house professional development program developed and implemented by personnel within the District Human Resources Division.
  • The Administrator’s Academy serves to both identify and empower prospective certificated administrators currently teaching in the OUHSD and neighboring elementary and unified districts.
  • Topics formally addressed within the academy include: Leadership, Professional Relationships, Instructional Leadership, High Stakes Testing, Data Mining, Evaluating Instruction and Supervising Support Staff, Labor Relations and Progressive Discipline, Program Administration of High School Student Activities and Athletics, Master Schedule Building , School Site and District Program Budget Management, Administrative Responsibilities for Buildings / Facilities, Written Communications, Maintaining School-wide Behavioral Expectations, Special Education and Section 504 , Current Legal Issues, and Job Search and Interview Skills.
  • This practical and “hands-on” program provides opportunities for aspiring administrators to:
    • participate in lecture/discussion interaction with school site principals, assistant principals, and district administrators from the OUHSD and neighboring districts
    • self-select “mini-intern” experiences to fulfill the Academy’s practicum requirement
    • work cooperatively in simulations such as “A Day In The Life Of A School Site Administrator”
    • read five selected titles from professional literature focused on motivation, leadership, educational reform, and organizational management, interacting with colleagues and academy staff on the application of this information to our existing workplace situations
    • complete the closure activity involving an on-line job search and simulated interviews for administrative positions, conducted by senior district administrators
  • Academy Staff include Assistant Superintendent Human Resources, Rocky Valles, Instructional Staff Support Director, Jane Mintz.
  • Session leaders and topical presenters include current and former school site, and district level administrators.

FRISK is a documentation system designed and authored by Los Angeles attorney Steven Andleson

  • All district level and school site certificated managers are required to participate in an initial all day certification training presented by Mr.Andleso as part of their certificated management induction process
  • Classified managers are strongly encouraged to participate in the initial all day certification training presented by Mr. Andleson as part of their classified management induction process
  • OUHSD administrators and program managers are instructed to use the FRISK system in their responsibilities for employee performance assessment , and employee discipline
  • All FRISK certified managers are provided with a FRISK manual, and encouraged to use it as a tool to assist them in their documentation duties.
  • The PAR Panel requires all PAR program placement documents to be written in the FRISK format.


  • California’s Peer Assistance and Support Program is designed to assist veteran teachers improve their professional practice in the 6 areas addressed by the California Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • Article 9 & 13 of the Certificated Unit Agreement creates the OUHSD program and delineates structure and functioning
  • Principals may refer any teacher designated as unsatisfactory to the PAR Program for ten weeks of Pre-Assistance
  • Those not returning to satisfactory status after Pre-Assistance may be moved into 20 weeks of Assistance
  • Program personnel include: Consulting Teachers, Evaluating Teacher, PAR Panel
  • To attain NCLB certification as a Highly Qualified Teacher, one must:
    • hold the appropriate California teaching credential authorization for each subject taught
    • demonstrate subject matter competence in each teaching area via: academic major, or equivalent 32 units, or passing approved examination(s), advanced degree in content area
  • HQT program applies only to teachers in core academic subject areas: Arts, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science

Live and Work Well is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) designed to provide confidential support for challenges that employees face in their everyday lives. Services are provided through OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions of California.


Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Counseling services
    • Mental health
    • Substance abuse
    • Workplace problems or conflicts
    • Work/Life balance
    • Grief and loss
    • Coping with change
    • Eating disorders
  • Financial and legal assistance
  • Family support
    • Parenting and family issues
  • Help with relationships
  • Health and wellness support
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Assistance in choosing the best providers

EAP/Optum Brochure (PDF, 2MB)


All records, including medical information, referrals and evaluations are kept strictly confidential in accordance with federal and state laws.


The EAP is available 24 hours a day and can be accessed by phone or online. Services are available to all employees and the members of their household, including dependents living away from home. There is no charge for referrals, or for seeing a clinician within the network.

Contact Information:

To request services or register for any of the Optum Health programs, visit: or call 888.444.8624 access code CSEBO

Please take advantage of the services provided.

Additional Information (PDF):