Replacing/Updating PDFs

We often change or modify documents through out the year which then need to update them on the website. Rather than uploading the newer version in addition to the older version, our best practice is to replace the old document with the new one. If the old document were to remain uploaded to the website, even if there is no link to it, a user could still find it by searching our site or google and they’d unknowingly be viewing old information.

So let’s replace that document…

From the dashboard select the Media panel yearly-report Media Panel

Clicking the Media panel will take you to the Media Library

The Media Library.

Searching Media LibraryThe Media Library will be full of media from all over the website so it will often be easier to search for the specific document you’re replacing. Type in your search query and click Search Media

The search returned the document to be replaced

Search query results.

If you hover over the row for the document you want to replace you will get extra link options. Click Replace media text

This is the Replace Library Media screen where you can choose the updated version of the document. Note: It does not have to have the same file name as the old document, because it will automatically be given the same name and write over the old document.

Replace Media Screen.

Replace Media UploadNow click Choose File to locate your document

Choose the new document from your computer’s files

Choose your file.

You’ve selected  your files now click Upload Button

You should receive a message saying you’ve updated the document

Media Attachment Updated

Once you’ve reached this screen, you’re done!

Attachment Updated.