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SkyDrive Pro provides 25 Gb free online cloud storage (part of Microsoft Office 365 environment). Files can be saved and accessed from any PC connected to the internet. When you use SkyDrive Pro, you’ll never be without the documents, notes, photos, and videos that matter to you. Share even large files and photos with your friends, all they need is a web browser. We recommend that you use SkyDrive Pro as your primary file storage location.

You can put various types of files on your SkyDrive Pro. Think of it as your “My Documents” in the cloud. Documents and folders in SkyDrive Pro can be shared both within SharePoint and with external contacts.

SkyDrive Pro lets you:

Store and organize your private documents and other files in a secure location in the cloud.

  • Share files and folders with other students and give them permission to review or edit the content.
  • Synchronize files and folders in your SkyDrive Pro with your computer or mobile device so you can access your content offline.

Microsoft SkyDrive Pro Support Links

Microsoft have provided information on the use of SkyDrive Pro and the integration with Office Web Apps and Office 2010. They also have comprehensive information on managing your information within SkyDrive Pro which is a useful place to view more advanced features that you may wish to use. You can also find out how to do Basic tasks in Word Web App or view their Introduction to Word Web App webpage if you need to become familiar with using this web app.

Click on the link if you need to know about accessibility features within Office Web Apps

SkyDrive Pro and Office 365 Email

You can connect to SkyDrive Pro from the SkyDrive link from your student email ribbon as shown below. SkyDrive Pro opens automatically.



Creating a new document

To create a new document click on the new-plus new document icon and a new blank document template will appear. The example below shows a document opened in Word Web App online version but there is also the option to open the document in the Word desktop version by simply clicking on the Open in Word quick link as shown (circled in red).


When a new document is created within SkyDrive Pro it is added to the list of documents in SkyDrive Pro as shown below:


SkyDrive Pro offers a choice to either Edit in Word or Edit in Word Web App. To open a document from your SkyDrive Pro in the Word Web App double-click on the document you require and it will open automatically. After editing, click on the save Save icon on top left-hand corner of the screen. When finished click on the X on top right-hand corner. You will be returned to your email screen

The document file extension e.g. docx is the same whether your using desktop or Web App application. The two versions can interact with each other and it is recommended that you practice good file management and version control to ensure that you keep track of documents and locations. Microsoft has helpful information on their Introduction to Word Web App webpage.

When finished click on the save Save icon on top left hand corner of screen. This updates the SkyDrive Pro copy. In the Word Web App version if you want to save a copy to your USB or desktop you need to click File, Save As and download (see picture below) to a folder on your computer.


In order to edit your document in the Word desktop version a dialog box will appear requiring you to enter your login details. After logging in, click on Enable Editing on the yellow ribbon at the top of the document and then proceed as usual.

Collaborating on documents

Editing documents that are shared with you

When someone shares a document with you, you should receive an email notification that contains a link to the document in their document library. You may be invited to edit the document or simply read and review the document.

To review or edit a document that someone has shared with you:

  1. Click the document link in the email you received informing you that a fellow student has shared a document with you.
  2. To review the read-only version of the document save your notes and edits to a separate file.
  3. Send a link to the file in an email message to the document owner and any other co-authors.
  4. If you granted edit permission, you can edit the document in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel via Office Web Apps.
  5. Click File > Save to save your changes.

Sharing your SkyDrive Pro documents

You can share documents or folders in your SkyDrive Pro by inviting fellow students to view or edit a folder of documents or a single document and by granting those people viewing or editing permission. This is done by clicking the ellipsis (…) to the right of the entry, clicking Share and inviting people to view or edit your document.

You can also add more names to the list of people who are already invited to view or edit a folder or document by clicking the Shared with some people icon in the Sharing column and inviting more people to view or edit the document.

Uploading documents to work with them online

Storing your documents online gives you access to them anywhere, on multiple devices. Online documents are also easier to share because you can link to them instead of sending email attachments. As an added bonus, you can read and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents in a web browser if they are stored in an online location like SkyDrive Pro.

Within the school or district, students can save documents to the shared work area (U:drive) of the student desktop.


You should see your document immediately added to the list of documents in your SkyDrive Pro area.

Microsoft’s useful How To guide will provide further details about uploading a document and working with it online.

Exiting SkyDrive Pro

It is easy to exit SkyDrive Pro from the Sign Out link on the top right hand corner of the screen below your name.


How can I use SkyDrive Pro from within my student email?

You can access SkyDrive Pro from the link on the ribbon at the top of the email main screen (example shown below).

Account activation when accessing SkyDrive Pro for the first time

The first time you access Office 365 SkyDrive Pro you might get a message that “SkyDrive Pro” is almost ready (see graphic below). This message indicates that although your account has already been enabled it is still in the process of being activated. During activation, a message appears saying “We’re almost ready”. This one-time activation usually happens within a day but may take longer. You can close your browser, do other work and return later without interrupting the process.

How do I use Office Web Apps within SkyDrive Pro?


Creating Office Web App documents within SkyDrive is fairly easy just by clicking on the new document link you have the option to create whatever type of document you need.

Microsoft also have a Getting started with Office Web Apps in Office 365 webpage that you may also find useful.

The following websites have detailed instructions on using specific Office Web Apps –

Introduction to Word Web App

Introduction to Excel Web App

Introduction to PowerPoint Web App

Click on the link if you need to know about accessibility features within Office Web Apps.

Differences between Office Web Apps and Microsoft Office

Office 365 which includes Office Web Apps is a cloud-based product that enables you to access your work from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. Office Web Apps differs a little from the MS Office desktop version in terms of the tasks that can be performed as well as the way in which it functions.

The desktop MS Office, e.g. the version accessed from the student workstations has the full suite of Excel, Word and PowerPoint functions. Office Web Apps has an online mini suite of Excel, Word and PowerPoint and it may not be possible to carry out some advanced functions such as, perform word count or ‘find’ and ‘replace’ tasks in Word. Excel in the Office Web Apps version cannot run charts or macros.

The Microsoft links below outline some functionality differences for the common Office Web Apps.




To overcome the challenges mentioned above, it is possible for you to open documents stored in the cloud, e.g. SkyDrive Pro using the desktop version of Microsoft Office. These documents can then be saved back to SkyDrive Pro.