Adding Attachments

Word, Excel, Publisher and Power Point documents are not acceptable attachments and will be refused by the website. You must save your document as a PDF in order to upload.


When uploading a new document to your page/post, click the Add Media button.

This will bring up the Media Library Window. At anytime you can drag and drop the file you want to upload into the Media Library Window to upload it. Or you can click the Upload Files link, which will allow you to browse your computer to find the file you want to upload.

Attachment Details

It is important to fill out the details for attachments that you upload. Accurate detailed information helps users locate what they are looking for. The Title of the attachment is automatically populated by the name of the file (minus the extension i.e. .pdf) but since the Title will also be the link text when we insert the attachment into the page, it might not always be the best title for users to see. The Caption really only pertains to images so you don’t need to fill that out. The Description can be a paragraph or so explaining what the document is and what it can be used for.

Attachment Display Settings

The Link To drop-down defaults to Media File which is what you want, so there isn’t anything you need to do here.


Once your document has been uploaded and the details have been filled out you need to give users a way to get to your document. With a turquoise border, and check mark we can see that our document is selected. If for some reason it’s not, we can simply click on the thumbnail for our document and it will be selected. Next, by clicking the Insert into page button, our selected document will be inserted (as a link to view the document, it won’t embed it, such that the content would appear on the page) where ever our cursor was positioned when we clicked the add-media button.

Inserting the document takes fore thought as to where you want it to be placed. Also keep in mind that the Title of the document will automatically be the text for the link to the document.

Changing the text link

If you find that the Title of your document does not work well as text for the link, you can click the Text tab and highlight the text in between the carets and replace it with the appropriate text.

You can do so by highlighting the existing link, click the add-media button, and upload the new version of your document, and click the Insert into page button. Remember the Title of the attachment will override the link text. Once we Save we can hover over the link we just changed and see that our link points to a folder within the new website.

Connecting Attachments as a Quick Link

Sometimes the attachments you upload to a page might not have a place on your page, or you may want to highlight an important attachment by listing it as a Quick Link. You can do so by scrolling down to the Quick Links widget area of the edit page. To quickly locate the attachment your looking for you can begin typing in the title of your attachment in the Search field. Now that the options have narrowed from every page and attachment in the entire website to those matching what you typed in, you can make your selection simply by clicking on the desired attachment. You will now be able to see your selection on the right hand side.