BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment)

  • Rooted in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, BTSA is a statewide teacher development program linked with local County Offices of Education and IHE teacher credential programs.
  • The OUHSD provides a two year BTSA program as the required induction program for all teachers holding 2042 Credentials.
  • Any other new teachers (meeting BTSA qualification standards) who request participation will be funded and supported for two years in the BTSA program
  • The OUHSD BTSA program is part of the Ventura County BTSA Consortium under the leadership of the VCOE office of Teacher Support Programs
  • Ventura County BTSA Program
  • Ventura County Teacher Support Services
  • BTSA Basics
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Mandated Training: (CLAD, NCPI )

  • CLAD (Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development Certificate) has been the most comprehensive strategic skills based CCTC authorization for teachers of English Language Learners.
  • The term “CLAD” has been used as a generic term to describe many different CCTC approved authorizations for teachers of English Language Learners.
  • During the 2006-2007 academic year nearly 200 district teachers successfully completed training programs resulting in their acquisition of the CCSD (Certificate of Completion, Staff Support), an authorization for teachers of English Language Learners, available only to veteran teachers. Between September, 2006 and June, 2007 over forty district teachers earned the CLAD Certificate by successfully completing the 12 unit CLAD program through the University of San Diego. Another 20 will be completing the program prior to January, 2008.

NCPI (Crisis Prevention Institute’s Non-Violent Physical Intervention Program)

  • Crisis Prevention Institute
  • All Special Education personnel with daily student contact are required to successfully complete Non-Violent Physical Intervention Program training; (12 hour initial certification, annual 4 hour recertification update)
  • Prior to 2006, the Staff Development program provided this mandated training, which is now provided by the OUHSD Special Education program, under Director Kenneth Goeken.
  • To receive the training schedule, or reserve a place in the appropriate training session, contact Irene Azcorra, Director’s Secretary
  • OUHSD NCPI certified trainers, Barbara Kimmel and Lynn Arkin are among an elite echelon of the most highly skilled and experienced of NCPI’s nationwide cadre of trainers.