Guidelines for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Please review these top ten items with students

Classroom Management Guidlines:

  • Clearly articulate the rules and expecations for utilizing the devices at school before beginning to incorporate a mobile Personal Technology Device (PTD) in the classroom learning environment.
  • The teacher decides how a PTD is used in the classroom. The teacher decides when students are to use the devices and when to turn them off and put them away.
  • A teacher cannot require that a student bring a PTD to school and the Student’s grade cannot be marked down if they do not have a PTD.
  • Students bring their PTD at their own risk. The District is not responsible for loss or theft (students should report all thefts to site administration)
  • Students using the network are subject to ALL guidelines and policy in the Acceptable Use Agreement. Parents were mailed the updated policy which includes the BYOD policy.
  • The students must use the district’s Wi-Fi network to ensure the protective filters are being used. They may not use their personal data plans while on campus to access the internet.
  • Phones and other PTD can NEVER be visible during a test or assessment (this is especially true for state tests like the CAHSEE, California State Test, CELDT, etc.
  • Students who cannot access the school’s wireless network or who have technical issues with accessing the network through their PTD need to follow the instructions on the District website to access the network.
  • It is not a teacher’s responsibility to ensure that student owned devices are functioning properly.
  • Printing from a PTD will not be possible at school at this time. Once the District sets up the LEarning Management System in the near future, then students will be able to use cloud computing to print.