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Transition Partnership Program (TPP)

The Transition Partnership Program (TPP) helps selected high school seniors transition between school and work using a team approach.

The Transition Partnership Program (TPP) Team Approach

The TPP Team consists of employees at the school site, the Oxnard Union High School District (OUHSD), and the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) all working together to help the TPP Student/Client successfully transition into life after high school.

Based out of the Oxnard Union High School District Office, the TPP Employment Specialists are the liaison between each school site and the Department of Rehabilitation.

At the school sites, the Employment Specialists work in conjunction with administrators, teachers, counselors, office staff, TPP facilitators, and TPP transition assistants to help provide job-searching related instruction to the TPP student/client.  

Working closely with the Department of Rehabilitation (whose team members include the director, counselors, and assistants), the Oxnard Union High School District introduce new student clients to the TPP program each school year. 

By using a team approach, the TPP student/client receives the training and support necessary to become employed and to successfully transition into life after high school.

To learn more about the TPP Program, please view our TPP Prezi Presentation.  You may also download a copy of our TPP Brochure in English or Spanish.   English TPP Brochure – Spanish TPP Brochure

If you have any questions, or would like to contact a TPP Employment Specialist, please fill out the Contact Form below or contact one of the TPP Employment Specialists directly.

TPP Employment Specialists

Ken Haley – (805) 385-2535 –

Dory Raymond – (805) 385-5520 –