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Educational Services

Roger Adams

Assistant Superintendent
of Educational Services

Telephone: 805-278-5551


Roxanne Steinkamp

Administrative Assistant
of Educational Services

Telephone: 805-385-2553




  • Provide leadership, support and oversight for the District’s instructional program
  • Ensure that ALL Students have access to high school graduation and a pathway to college and career readiness including: English Learners, Foster Youth, Homeless Youth, Migrant Youth, Students with Disabilities, and Economically Disadvantaged Youth
  • Promote relevant and innovative professional learning that provides ALL Teachers best instructional practices in support of student learning
  • Identify, evaluate, and effectively implement instructional resources that engage ALL Students and ALL Teachers in the California Standards and promote college and career readiness


  • Set High Expectations with appropriate Support for ALL Students & Staff
  • Model a Collaborative work ethic
  • Building Capacity, Expertise, and Trust
  • Promoting positive behavior systems and comprehensive systems of intervention