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RFP 670 Swimming Pool & Heater Maintenance Services

RFP 670 Swimming Pool & Heater Maintenance Services

RFP Documents

Update 9/15/22: The District will request a contract award to Sea Clear Pools at the 9/28/22 Board Meeting. 


RFI's & Answers:

Contractor will be required to keep electronic logs utilizing an automatic system provided by the contractor. This system must continuously monitor the pools and send alerts of the status of any and all systems. This system must not be integrated with any OUHSD internal equipment or internet systems.Is this monitoring in addition to the existing chemical controller which has the ability to send out alerts via email and text, as well as keeping and having access to electronic logs? - Currently, to be in compliance with local code, a hard copy of service logs are in place at equipment rooms. The Contractor is to also keep digital copies on file for distribution at any time. This is in addition to the existing chemical controller. 

Can you clarify if the contractor will be supplying a new c02 tank at each aquatic center, or only refilling the current tank? As it states *(1) CO2 bulk storage tank (provided by contractor 500 pounds) for total alkalinity and pH control - Contractor to supply new C02 tank and refill the tank. 

If contractor does supply storage tank, is there a model or brand that is preferred? Additionally, must it only be a 500lbs storage capacity? - There is no model or brand that is preferred. Typical storage capacity is 500-650 lbs.