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Bid 672 New HVAC Building Modernization - Channel Islands High School

Bid 672 New HVAC Building Modernization - Channel Islands High School

Bid Documents

The District is requesting a contract award to APCG at the November 16, 2022 regularly scheduled board meeting. 

Update 1.3.23: This bid was not awarded and will not be awarded until further notice. 


Question: Please clarify on Page 22 – Bid Proposal Form, the Footer on the page states Channel Islands High School, but the title of the project is Hueneme High School.

Answer: This is a misprint; the title of the project is New HVAC Building Modernization for Channel Islands High School.


Question: Supplements #1, 2, 4 and 5 are not on the website link. Only Supplement #3 has been added to the website link. Please provide official copies of the missing supplement packages.

Answer: Supplements #1, 2, 4 and 5 can be found on the OUHSD website for BID 672 under Bid Documents Google Drive link, within folder “Bid 672 Supplements.


Question: Bldg. B & C are not listed on the Bid Form and Proposal sheet. In the scope of work, it is mentioned that only the work at the mechanical yard has been completed, however it does not clarify the scope of work that remains within the building(s). Please identify the remaining scope of work how we are to include the budget for buildings B & C.

Answer: Please reference document Bid 672 – CIHS NEW HVAC BUILDING MODERNIZATION, item 39.a.5 (Bidder Acknowledges): “Building B & C mechanical yards are completed, with the exception of the fencing and gates. This work is included in this package, reference Bid Supplement #5, located in separate folder, for additional information. Include placement of Class II Base inside the fencing of the mechanical yards, 2” thick above finish grade.” Include pricing for this work in ALTERNATE 1: PHASE 2A – BUILDING D.


Question: For previous bids submitted to OUHSD, it was a requirement to deliver the bid bond documentation to the District prior to the bid due date. Please advise if that is still a requirement. If there are any other documents needing to be delivered to the District prior to the bid due date, please identify which.

Answer: Hard copy of original bid security/bid bond must be physically submitted to the District Purchasing Office, 1800 Solar Drive, Floor 2, Oxnard, California 93030, no later than the bid due date and time and an electronic copy shall be sent to Deanna Rantz with the bid submittal.


Question: Please confirm if Viega ProPress copper fittings are acceptable for use on Domestic water and condensate Drainage systems.

Answer: There shall be no use of copper compression fittings (Viega ProPress) on pipe larger than 1-1/2”. The District will accept the use of Viega ProPress on sizes 1-1/2” or smaller of pipe and fittings. No use of this method is allowed underground of any size.


Question: There are electrical drawings related to buildings B, C and P issued via addendum # 1. Please clarify if these drawings are included in the bid package as reference or if there is still electrical scope remaining for these buildings B, C and P. The phasing plan indicated all the work is completed by the previous contractor.

Answer: There is no electrical work related to Buildings B, C, or P. All electrical sheets for Buildings B, C, and P are included in the full set of drawings as reference.

Question: Is all site conduit, trenching, and wire for the Fire Alarm system complete and in place also NIC? Is the power per supplement 02 in place also NIC? Work in question on attached page, FA-201.

Answer: Site conduit, trenching, and wire for the Fire Alarm system is complete and NIC for Buildings B, C, and P only. Refer to Bid Supplement #02 for electrical work previously completed and NIC.


Question: Are the Fire Alarm system upgrades for buildings B, C, and P complete and NIC per Supplement 02? Confirm that no electrical, FA, or comm work in buildings B, C, and P is to be included in this bid.

Answer: Bid Supplement #02 refers to completed electrical power install only. There is no remaining electrical, fire alarm, or communication work left in Buildings B, C, and P, and should not be included in bid pricing.

Question: Need an accurate count of what types of duct supports are required for building Q roof?

Answer: This is for GC to figure out per provided details and plans. Please see CCD 30A for additional information.


Question: Will the HSS screen wall framing detail shown on A9.04 be required at all 3 buildings B,C & D? From the pictures it appears some may already be installed, please advise.

Answer: HSS screen wall framing and finish has been completed prior to this bid, and should not be included in contractors pricing.


Question: Can we revise the duct support detail shown on mechanical from the pipe with threaded cap, provide duct supports similar to Oxnard HS? Makes more sense. The duct supports on building Q call out detail 5/S303 and, also reference detail 7/S303, can you tell me how many of each are required?

Answer: GC to figure out frequency of duct supports per provided details and plans. Please see CCD 30A for additional information. Alternate methods of duct support can be entertained after project award, but will require DSA CCD approval process.


Question: At building P I see the HSS detail 12/S302 called out twice and some duct supports (18) per mechanical. Can you confirm this is part of scope.

Answer: Building P framing and duct supports are not included in this bid scope.

Question: Will the new window install have the drip and sill pan flashing as in buildings B & C which eliminates plaster patch at the sills of windows? (EXTERIOR)

Answer: Yes, the window details shall match what was done at B and C. Removal of stucco is no longer required. Refer to CCD 007B for further information.


Question: Will the new window install receive drywall 1-1/2” trim and Gyp in lieu of wood trim as in Buildings B & C? (INTERIOR)

Answer: Yes, install shall match B and C on the interior. Refer to CCD 007B for further information.


Question: Will the existing walls require patching where fixtures or marker boards are removed as in building B & C? (INTERIOR)

Answer: Yes. As confirmed with District, removal of the marker boards is added scope.


Question: Where the existing base is removed from the interior surfaces need to be repaired as in buildings B & C? (INTERIOR)

Answer: If where the existing floor base is removed, new floor base shall be installed.


Question: Can the soffits be framed in metal stud in lieu of wood? (INTERIOR)

Answer: No, this change would require redesign and CCD approval by DSA.


Question: Will the window sub include the wood bucks shown in the details? ( EXTERIOR)

Answer: This is for General Contractor to decide which Sub-Contractor will provide what is required.


Question: Will the window openings require a Vycor wrap? (Completed at building B) (Eliminated in building C) (EXTERIOR)

Answer: There will need to be new flashing at all window openings. Peel and stick membrane flashing is acceptable in-lieu of liquid applied specified flashing.

Question: Will the tectum ceiling panels in building D require removal as in Buildings B & C. (INTERIOR)

Answer: Building D has acoustic ceiling tile, this pre-bid question regarding tectum ceiling panels is not relevant.