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Bid 671 Hueneme High School Portable Foundation & Site Alterations

Bid Documents

9/15/22: The Board of Trustees approved a contract award to Ardalan Construction Company, Inc. 

The District will request award to Ardalan Construction Company, Inc. at the 9/14/22 board meeting. 



Question: On Detail 3/A-1.2 there is a note that says, " 2% Max slop in all directions within the heavy dashed lines. Existing conditions is 2.9%. Can you please confirm if we will need to repave the parking area and to what extent.

Answer: Where the new ADA parking occurs and within the heavy dash line that silhouettes the ADA parking striping, the area needs to be ground down minimum 2 feet beyond the heavy dashed line and slope the area to a maximum of 2% in all direction. The depth of the grinding will be determined based on achieving the max 2% slope. Once the 2% slope is achieved then overlay with new asphalt paving at a 2% max slope. The asphalt overlay beyond the ADA parking area can be slope up to 3%. When complete, then place the parking bumpers, signs, ADA parking striping, letters & symbols per the DSA approved drawings.