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Bid 665 Mechatronics Equipment REBID (OHS CTE)

Bid 665 Mechatronics Equipment REBID (OHS CTE)

Bid Documents


  • Question: I reviewed the information and its showing a requirement for us to install and hook up the machine. Unfortunately we are just a manufacturer and deal with a Broker to ship the machines to you. The Customer is responsible for taking the machine off the truck and getting it hooked to power in the shop. We fully assemble and test the machines before they leave so there is no assembly required. I would love to bid but seems if we cant get that requirement taken off we will not be able to bid.
  • Answer: Just make a note on the Bid Form of that. If equipment doesn't require specialized services for install, then we can still accept the bid. As long as the manufacturer provides equipment that is proven to be new and in working order upon installation in the classroom, and upholds all warranties, then it can be accepted. 


  • Question: Do we need to fill out all of the paperwork in those attachments since we are just going to be an equipment supplier, not a contactor or installer?  Are we able to submit our bids through our quote system?
  • Answer: I still need all the bid documents. It includes our spreadsheet/cost sheet (although you can provide your own quote in ADDITION), the Bid Form with the total amount and signature and the non-collusion declaration. 


  • Question: What kind of installation do they need? Could you confirm please?
  • Answer: We just need to make sure the products make it into the classroom. If complex equipment needs install, then that will be required. If not complex and equipment is plug and play, and no installation/setup is required, then note that on the Bid Form. 


  • Question: As you know the requested equipment are from the different manufacturers and come with different delivery schedules. It won't be possible for us to deliver all the equipment at the same time to the rigger. Is it possible for you to find a local rigger and offload the equipment and set them in place? If necessary, we will provide installation on those equipment which are not plug and play.
  • Answer: You can set up the delivery using a local rigger and we can offload the items. Our vendors choose the trucking companies, we do not since any freight is the property and responsibility of the company selling to us prior to it arriving. Our vendors choose the trucking companies, we do not since any freight is the property and responsibility of the company selling to us prior to it arriving.


  • Question: There will be some installation that will take place with a couple of the pieces of equipment we will be quoting.  All of our previous conversations with Joseph Dawson stated that we would only be providing the equipment.
  • Answer: Well, it's best to get the info directly from me and the bid document. The District's main concern is getting any complex equipment installed correctly and in some cases that may mean the supplier handles this. The "commissioning" is to make sure, after installation, that the equipment is up and running as it should be. On the spreadsheet cost sheet, mark either "requires installation" or "no install required" so we are aware. Installation costs should be included for any items that do require installation. 


  • Question: We cannot offer rigging. If a customer can offload the machine and set them in place then we can bid otherwise not. We can also deliver the machine directly to the rigger.
  • Answer: The District can offload machine(s) and set in place at the school site. The District cannot provide the freight service from the supplier to the school site as that transportation and delivery shall be the responsibility of the supplier.