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Board Policies

Section 1000 - Community Relations
Policy NumberTitleBoard Policy (BP)Regulation (AR)
1113District and School WebsitesBP 1113 
1114District Sponsored Social MediaBP 1114 
1220Citizen Advisory CommitteesBP 1220 
1230School Connected OrganizationsBP 1230 
1250School VisitorsBP 1250AR 1250
1312.1Complaints Concerning District EmployeesBP 1312.1 
1312.3Uniform Complaint ProcedureBP-1312.3
1312.4Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures 
1260Education FoundationBP 1260 
1330Use of School FacilitiesBP 1330 
Section 3000 - Business and Non-Instructional Operations

MOU Heat Day

Policy NumberTitleBoard Policy (BP)Regulation (AR)
00Concepts and RolesBP 00 
3100BudgetBP 3100 
3110Transfer of Funds Between CategoriesBP 3110 
3260Student Fees and ChargesBP 3260 
3270Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and SuppliesBP 3270 
3300Expenditures/ Expending AuthorityBP 3300 
3305Signature AuthorizationBP 3305 
3311BidsBP 3311 
3312ContractsBP 3312 
3314Payment for Goods and ServicesBP 3314 
3314.2Revolving FundsBP 3314.2 
3315Relations With VendorsBP 3315 
3315.1Affirmative Action Program for PurchasingBP 3315.1 
3320Claims and Actions Against the DistrictBP 3320 
3350Travel ExpensesBP 3350 
3430InvestingBP 3430 
3452Student Activity FundsBP 3452 
3460Financial Reports and Accountability BP 3460 
3470Debt Issuance and ManagementBP 3470 
3513.3Tobacco Free SchoolsBP 3513.3AR 3513.3
3514Pesticide Use on School CampusesBP 3514 
3515School Safety and SecurityBP 3515 
3515.1Crime Data ReportingBP 3515.1 
3515.2DisruptionsBP 3515.2 
3515.3Requests/Warrants From Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)BP 3515.3 
3515.4Automated External DefibrillatorsBP 3515.4 
3516Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness PlanBP 3516 
3516.5Emergency ScheduleBP 3516.5 
3516.4Guidelines for Preventing Heat Stress 
3553Free and Reduced Price MealsBP 3553 
3554Other Food SalesBP 3554 


Section 4000 - Personnel
Policy NumberTitleBoard Policy (BP)Regulation Tem
BP 4020Drug and Alcohol Free WorkplaceBP 4020  
BP 4030Nondiscrimination in EmploymentBP 4030 
BP 4040Employee Use of TechnologyBP 4040 AR 4040
BP4113.4/4213.4/4313.4Temporary Modified Light Duty AssignmentBP4113.4/4213.4/4313.4 
4117.2/4217.2/4317.2Personnel ResignationBP 4117.2, 4217.2, 4317.2 
4119.11Sexual HarassmentBP 4119.11AR 4119.11
4119.23 , 4219.23, 4319.23Unauthorized Release of Confidential / Privileged InformationBP4119.23, 4219.23, 4319.23 
4119.25, 4219.25, 4319.25Political Activities of EmployeeBP 4119.25-4219.25-4319.25  
4119.21/4219.21/4319.21Professional StandardBP 4119.21_4219.21_4319.21 
4119.22/4219.22/4319.22Dress and GroomingBP 4119.22_4219.22_4319.22 
4119.42Infectious Disease PolicyBP 4119.42 
4122Student Teachers / University InternsBP 4122 
4126Certificated Personnel ConsultantsBP4126 
4127Temporary Athletic Team CoachesBP4127 
4131Staff Development-CertificatedBP 4131 
4131.5Professional GrowthBP 4131.5 
4134 4234Staff Meetings & Open MeetingBP 4134_4234 
4135, 4235, 4335Soliciting and SellingBP 4135_4235_4335  
4136 4236, 4336Non-School EmploymentBP4136, 4236, 4336 
4143.1/4243.1Public Notice-Personnel NegotiationsBP 4143.1-4243.1 
4156, 4256.2, 4356.2Awards & RecognitionBP4156.2, 4256.2, 4356.2 
4156.3, 4256.3, 4356.3Employee Property ReimbursementBP 4156.3, 4256.3, 4356.3 
4161Personal Leaves: Vacation AR 4161.2
4161Family Care and Medical LeaveBP4161.8 
4211Recruitment and Selection-ClassifiedBP4211 
4212Appointment and Conditions of Employment (Classified EmployeesBP4212 
4212.5Criminal Record CheckBP4212.5 
4212.8Nepotism-Employment of RelativesBP 4212.8 
4213.4Modified/Temporary Light DutBP4213.4 
4216Probationary Permanent StatuBP4216 
4218Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary ActionBP 4218 
4219.11Sexual HarassmentBP 4219.11AR 4219.11
4219.22Dress and GroomingBP4219.22 
4222Teacher Aides/Paraprofessionals AR 4222
4231Staff Development-ClassifiedBP 4231 
4234Staff MeetingsBP4234 
4261Family Care and Medical LeaveBP4261.8 
4300Classified Management PositionBP 4300 
4311Recruitment and Selection-Admin-SupervisorBP4311 
4312Appointment and Conditions of Employment (Management Employees)BP4312 
4312Oath and AffirmationBP4312.3 
4312Criminal Record CheckBP4312.5 
4315Evaluation / Supervision of Certificated ManagersBP 4315  
4319.11Sexual HarassmentBP 4319.11AR 4319.11
4331Staff Development-Admin SupervisorBP 4331 
4359Employee Assistance ProgramsBP4359 
4361Family Care and Medical LeaveBP4361.8 
Section 5000 - Students
Policy NumberTitleBoard Policy (BP)Regulation (AR)
5020Parent Rights ResponsibilitiesBP 5020AR 5020
5022Student and Family Privacy RightsBP 5022AR 5022
5030Student and Staff WellnessBP 5030 
5111AdmissionBP 5111AR 5111
5111.1District ResidencyBP 5111.1AR 5111.1
5112.5Closed CampusBP 5112.5 
5113Absences and ExcusesBP 5113 
5113.2Student Work PermitsBP 5113.2 
5116School Attendance BoundariesBP 5116 
5116.1Intradistrict Open EnrollmentBP 5116.1AR 5116.1
5117Interdistrict AttendanceBP 5117 
5118Open Enrollment Act TransfersBP 5118 
5121Evaluation of Student AchievementBP 5121 
5123Promotion, Acceleration and RetentionBP 5123 
5124Report Cards / Notice to ParentsBP 5124 
5125Student RecordsBP 5125AR 5125 adopted 121218
5125.1Release of Directory InformationBP 5125.1AR 5125.1
5126Academic RecognitionBP 5126 
5126.1Attendance AwardsBP 5126.1 
5127Graduation ceremonyBP 5127 
5131Student ConductBP 5131 
5131.2BullyingBP 5131.2 
5131.4Campus DisturbancesBP 5131.4 
5131.41Use of Seclusion & RestraintBP 5131.41AR 5131.41
5131.6Alcohol and Other DrugsBP 5131.6 
5131.62TobaccoBP 5131.62 
5131.7Weapons and Dangerous InstrumentsBP 5131.7 
5132Dress and GroomingBP 5132 
5136GangsBP 5136 
5137Positive School ClimateBP 5137 
5141.1Injuries, Accidents to StudentsBP 5141.1 
5141.21MedicationBP 5141.21 
5141.22Infectious DiseasesBP 5141.22AR 5141.22
5141.4Child Abuse Prevention and ReportingBP 5141.4 
5141.31Student Immunization PolicyBP 5141.31 
5141.4Child Abuse ReportingBP 5141.4 
5142.1Identification and Reporting of Missing ChildrenBP 5142.1 
5143Accident InsuranceBP 5143 
5144DisciplineBP 5144AR 5144
5144.1Due ProcessBP 5144.1AR 5144.1
5144.2Due Process SPED AR 5144.2
5145.11Law Enforcement on CampusBP 5145.11 
5145.12Search SeizureBP5145.12 
5145.13Response to Immigration EnforcementBP 5145.13AR 5145.13
5145.2Student Freedom of Expression and Equal AccessBP5145.2 
5145.21School PublicationBP5145.21 
5145.3Nondiscrimination / Harassment of studentsBP-5145.3 
5145.6Parental NotificationsBP5145.6 
5145.7Sexual Harassment Affecting StudentsBP 5145.7AR 5145.7
5146Married/Pregnant/Parenting StudentsBP 5146 
5147Dropout PreventionBP5147 
5148Student Voter RegistrationBP5148 
Section 6000 - Instruction
Policy NumberTitleBoard Policy (BP)Regulation (AR)
6020Parent InvolvementBP 6020AR 6020
6111School CalendarBP6111 
6112School DayBP6112 
6115Ceremonies and ObservancesBP6115 
6141Curriculum DevelopmentBP 6141 
6141.6Multicultural EducationBP6141.6 
6142.1Sexual Health HIV/AIDS Prevention InstructionBP6142.1 
6142.6Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)BP6142.6 
6142.7Physical Education & ActivityBP 6142.7AR 6142.7
6143Adoption of Courses of StudyBP6143 
6144Controversial IssuesBP 6144AR 6144
6145Extracurricular ActivitiesBP 6145AR 6145
6145.2Athletic CompetitionBP 6145.2AR 6145.2
6145.3District Representative to California Interscholastic Federation (C.I.F.)BP6145.3 
6145.4Athletic CompetitionBP6145.4 
6145.5Student GovernmentBP6145.5 
6145.6Admission of Foreign StudentsBP6145.6 
6146.1General Graduation RequirementsBP6146.1 
6146.1AR General Graduation RequirementsBP6146.1 
6146.1Comparison ChartBP6146.1 
6146.2Minimum Proficiency Standards and ProceduresBP6146.2 
6146.3Reciprocity of CreditBP6146.3 
6146.7Graduation Requirements -Adult SchoolBP6146.7 
6153School – Sponsored TripsBP 6153
6158Independent Study ProgramBP6158 
6159Individualized Education ProgramBP6159 
6159.1Procedural Safeguards and ComplaintsBP6159.1 
6159.2Nonpublic Nonsectarian School and Agency ServicesBP6159.2 
6159.3Appointment of Surrogate ParentBP6159.3 
6159.4Behavioral Interventions for Special Education StudentsBP6159.4 
6159.5AR Residential Parent Travel for Students in Residential PlacementBP6159.5 
6159.5Residential Travel Policy For Parents With Students In Residential PlacementBP6159.5 
6161.1Textbooks and Instructional MaterialsBP6161.1 
6161.11Classroom Films/Media Materials Supplementary Instructional MaterialsBP6161.11 
6162.31Student AidsBP6162.31 
6162.54(a)Test Integrity/Test PreparationBP6162.54(a) 
6163.1Library Media CentersBP6163.1 
6163.2Animals at SchoolBP6163.2 
6163.4Student Acceptable Use PolicyBP6163.4 
6164.4Identification and Education Under Section 504BP6164.4 
6164.6Accommodations for Students with DisabilitiesBP6164.6 
6171Title I ProgramsBP 6171AR 6171
6172.1Concurrent Enrollment in College CourseworkBP 6172.1AR 6172.1
6173Driver EducationBP6173 
6173.1Education for Homeless YouthBP 6173.1AP 6173.1
6173.2Education of Children of Military FamiliesBP6173.2 
6173.3Education for Foster YouthBP 6173.3AP 6173.3
6174Services for English LearnersBP6174 
6175Migrant Education ProgramBP6175 
6176Weekend/Saturday ClassesBP6176 
6177Summer SchoolBP6177 
6178Career Technical EducationBP6178 
6182Opportunity School / Class / ProgramBP6182 
6183Home and Hospital InstructionBP6183 
6186Community Day SchoolBP6186 
6190Evaluation of the Instructional ProgramBP 6190 
6200.1Veteran DiplomasBP6200.1 
6200.2F-1 Visa (foreign) Adult StudentsBP6200.2 
Section 8000 - Not Implemented

Not Implemented

Section 9000 - Bylaws of the Board
Policy NameBoard Bylaw (BB)Regulation (AR)
Role of the BoardBB 9000 
Governance StandardsBB 9005 
Public StatementsBB 9010 
Disclosure of Confidential / Privileged InformationBB 9011 
Board Member Electronic CommunicationsBB 9012 
OrganizationBB 9100 
Terms of OfficeBB 9110 
Board PresidentBB 9121 
Vice PresidentBB 9122 
ClerkBB 9123 
SecretaryBB 9124 
AttorneyBB 9125 
Board CommitteesBB 9130 
Board RepresentativesBB 9140 
Student Representative to the Board of TrusteesBB 9150 
Limits of Board Member AuthorityBB 9200 
Governing Board ElectionsBB 9220 
ResignationBB 9222 
Filling VacanciesBB 9223 
Oath or AffirmationBB 9224 
OrientationBB 9230 
Board TrainingBB 9240 
Board DevelopmentBB 9241 
Remuneration Reimbursement and Other BenefitsBB 9250AR 9250
Legal ProtectionBB 9260 
Conflict of InterestBB 9270 
Code of EthicsBB 9271 
Board PoliciesBB 9310 
Administrative ProceduresBB 9311 
Board BylawsBB 9312 
Meetings and NoticesBB 9320 
Closed Session Purpose and AgendasBB 9321 
Agenda/Meeting MaterialsBB 9322 
Conduct of Board MeetingsBB 9323 
Actions by the BoardBB 9323.2 
Minutes and RecordingsBB 9324