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Archive: Minutes and Agendas

Archive: Minutes and Agendas

 January 15 Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 1-15-20
Agenda Español 1-15-20
Minutes 1-15-20
February 12Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 2-12-20
Agenda Español 2-12-20
Minutes 2-12-20
March 11Board RoomRegular Board Meeting

Agenda 3-11-20 
Agenda Español 3-11-20

Minutes 3-11-20
March 18Board RoomSpecial Board Meeting 

Agenda 3-18-20 
Agenda Español 3-18-20

Minutes 3-18-20
March 25Board Room

Regular  Board Meeting

Agenda 3-25-20
Agenda Español 3-25-20
Minutes 3-25-20
April 9Board RoomSpecial Board Meeting

Agenda 4-9-20
Agenda Español 4-9-20

Minutes 4-9-20
April 29Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 4- 29-20
Agenda Español 4-29-20
Minutes 4-29-20
May 13Board RoomRegular Board Meeting

Agenda 5-13-20

Agenda Español 5-13-20

Minutes 5-13-20
May 27Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 5-27-20
Agenda Español 5-27-20
Minutes 5-27-20
June 3Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingAgenda 6.3.20
Agenda Español 6.3.20
Minutes 6-3-20
June 10Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 6-10-20
Agenda Español 6-10-20
Minutes 6-10-20
June 13Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingCANCELEDCANCELED
June 18Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingAgenda 6.18.20
Agenda Español 6.18.20
Minutes 6-18-20
June 24Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 6-24-20
Agenda Español 6-24-20
Minutes 6-24-20
August 5Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingAgenda 8-5-20
Agenda Español 8-5-20
Minutes 8-5-20
August 12Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 8-12-20
Agenda Español 8-12-20
Minutes 8-12-20
August 26Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 8-26-20
Agenda Español 8-26-20
Minutes 8-26-20
September 9Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 9-9-20
Agenda Español 9-9-20
Minutes 9-9-20
September 23Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 9-23-20
Agenda Español 9-23-20
Minutes 9-23-20
October 14Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 10-14-20
Agenda Español 10-14-20
Minutes 10-14-20
October 28Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 10-28-20
Agenda Español 10-28-20
Minutes 10-28-20
November 18Board RoomRegular Board  MeetingAgenda 11-18-20
Agenda Español 11-18-20
Minutes 11-18-20
December 9Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingAgenda 12-9-20
Agenda Español 12-9-20
Minutes 12-9-20
December 16Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 12-16-20
Agenda Español 12-16-20
Minutes 12-16-20
 January 9 Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 01-9-19
Agenda Español 01-9-19
Minutes 01-09-19
January 23 Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 01-23-19
Agenda Español 01-23-19
Minutes 01-23-19
February 13Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 02-13-19
Agenda Español 02-13-19
Minutes 02-13-19
February 27Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 02-27-19
Agenda Español 02-27-19
Minutes 02-27-19
March 13Board RoomRegular  Board MeetingAgenda 03-13-19
Agenda Español 03-13-19
Minutes 03-13-19
April 10Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 04-10-19
Agenda Español 04-10-19
Minutes 04-10-19
May 1Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 05-1-19
Agenda Español 05-1-19
Minutes 05-01-19
May 15Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 05-15-19
Agenda Español 05-15-19
Minutes 05-15-19
May 29Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 05-29-19
Agenda Español 05-29-19
Minutes 05-29-19
June 5Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 06-5-19
Agenda Español 06-5-19
Minutes 06-05-19
June 19Board RoomRegular Board MeetingCANCELEDCANCELED
June 26Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 06-26-19
Agenda Español 06-26-19
Minutes 06-26-19
August 14TBDSpecial Board MeetingAgenda 08-14-19
Agenda Español 08-14-19
Minutes 08-14-19
August 28Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 08-28-19
Agenda Español 08-28-19
Minutes 08-28-19
September 11Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 09-11-19
Agenda Español 09-11-19
Minutes 9-11-19
September 25Board RoomRegular Board Meeting

Agenda 9-25-19

Agenda Español 09-25-19

Minutes 9-25-19
October 16Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 10-16-19Agenda Español 10-16-19Minutes 10-16-19
October 30Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 10-30-19 Cancellation Notice
Agenda Español 10.30.19 Aviso de Cancelacion
November 6Board RoomSpecial Board  MeetingAgenda 11-6-19 Special Board Meeting
Agenda Español 11-06-19
Minutes 11-06-19
November 13Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 11-13-19
Agenda Español 11-13-19
Minutes 11-13-19
December 18Board RoomRegular Board Meeting

Agenda 12-18-19

Agenda Español 12-18-19 (Sp)

Minutes 12-18-19
 January 17 Board Room Regular MeetingAgenda 1-17-18
Agenda Español 1-17-18
 Minutes 01-17-18
January 31 Board RoomRegular MeetingAgenda 01-31-18
Agenda Español 01-31-18
 Minutes 01-31-18
February 14Board RoomRegular MeetingAgenda 02-14-18
Agenda Español 02-14-18
 Minutes 02-14-18
February 28Board RoomRegular MeetingAgenda 02-28-18
Agenda Español 02-28-18
 Minutes 02-28-18
March 14Board RoomRegular MeetingAgenda 03-14-18
Agenda Español 03-14-18
 Minutes 03-14-18
April 11Board RoomRegular MeetingAgenda 04-11-18
Agenda Español 04-11-18
 Minutes 04-11-18
April 25Board RoomRegular MeetingAgenda 04-25-18
Agenda Español 04-25-18
 Minutes 04-25-18
May 9Board RoomRegular MeetingAgenda 05-09-18
Agenda Español 05-09-18
 Minutes 05-09-18
May 16Board RoomRegular MeetingAgenda 05-16-18
Agenda Español 05-16-18
 Minutes 05-16-18
June 6Board RoomRegular MeetingAgenda 06-06-18
Agenda Español 06-06-18
 Minutes 06-06-18
June 20Board RoomRegular MeetingAgenda 06-20-18
Agenda Español 06-20-18
Minutes 06-20-18
July 11Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingAgenda 07-11-18
Agenda Español 07-11-18
Minutes 07-11-18
August 13The Tower ClubSpecial Board MeetingAgenda 08-13-18
Agenda Español 08-13-18
Minutes 08-13-18
August 15Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 08-15-18
Agenda Español 08-15-18
Minutes 08-15-18
August 29Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 08-29-18
Agenda Español 8-29-2018
Minutes 08-29-18
September 4Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingAgenda 09-04-18
Agenda Español 09-04-18
Minutes 09-04-18
September 12Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 09-12-18
Agenda Español 09-12-18
Minutes 09-12-18
September 26Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 09-26-18 
Agenda Español 09-26-18
Minutes 09-26-18
October 10Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 10-10-18
Agenda Español 10-10-18
October 24Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 10-24-18
Agenda Español 10-24-18
minutes 10-24-18
November 7Board RoomRegular Board Meeting

Agenda 11-07-18

Agenda Español 11- 07-18

Minutes 11-07-18
November 12Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingAgenda 11-12-18
Agenda Español 11-12-18
Minutes 11-12-18
December 12Board RoomRegular Board MeetingAgenda 12-12-18
Agenda Español 12-12-18
Minutes 12-12-18
January 18Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 1-18-17
Agenda 1-18-17 Español
 Minutes 1-18-17
January 25Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 1-25-17
Agenda 1-25-17 Español
 Minutes 1-25-17
February 15Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 2-15-17
Agenda 2-15-17 Español
 Minutes 2-15-17
March 1Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 3-1-17
Agenda 3-1-17 Español
 Minutes 3-01-17
March 15Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 3-15-17
Agenda 3-15-17 Español
 Minutes 3-15-17
March 29Board RoomSpecial Meeting  
April 5Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 4-05-17
Agenda 4-05-17 Español
 Minutes 4-05-17
May 10Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 5-10-17
Agenda 5-10-17 Español
 Minutes 5-10-17
May 24Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 5-24-17
Agenda Español 5-24-17
 Minutes 5-24-17
June 7Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 6-7-17
Agenda Español 6-7-17
 Minutes 6-07-17
June 21Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 6-21-17
Agenda Español 6-21-17
 Minutes 6-21-17
June 26Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 6-26-17
Agenda Español 6-26-17
 Minutes 6-26-17
August 16Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 8-16-17
Agenda Español 8-16-17
Minutes 08-16-17
August 22Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 8-22-17
Agenda Español 8-22-17
 Minutes 8-22-17
August 30Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 8-30-17
Agenda Español 8-30-17
 Minutes 8-30-17
September 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 9-13-17
Agenda Español 9-13-17
 Minutes 9-13-17
September 27Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 9-27-17
Agenda Español 9-27-2017
 Minutes 9-27-17
October 11Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 10-11-17
Agenda Español 10-11-17
 Minutes 10-11-17
October 25Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 10-25-17
Agenda Español 10-25-17
 Minutes 10-25-17
November 8Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 11-8-17 Cancellation Notice
Agenda Español 11-08-17 Junta Cancelada
November 15Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 11-15-17
Agenda Español 11-15-2017
 Minutes 11-15-17
December 6Board RoomScheduled MeetingAgenda 12-06-17
Agenda Español 12-06-17
 Minutes 12-06-17
December 18Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingAgenda 12-18-17
Agenda Español 12-18-17
 Minutes 12-18-17
January 20Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
February 3Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
February 17Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
March 2Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
March 16Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
April 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
April 27Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
May 4Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
May 18Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
June 8Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
June 22Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
August 1Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
August 3Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
August 17Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
September 7Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
September 21Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
October 5Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
October 19Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
October 26Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
November 16Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView
December 14Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish|EspañolView




January 7
VCCF -Camarillo, CA
Special Meeting/Leadership Retreat
 English | Español


January 14
Board Room
Study Session
 English | Español


January 28
Board Room
Scheduled Meeting
 English | Español


February 11
Board Room
Study Session
 English | Español


February 25
Board Room
Scheduled Meeting
 English | Español


March 11
Board Room
Study Session
 English | Español


March 25
Board Room
Scheduled Meeting
 English | Español


April 8
No Meeting


April 22
Board Room
Scheduled Meeting
English | Español


May 13
Board Room
Study Session
English | Español


May 19
Board Room
Special Meeting
English | Español


May 27
Board Room
Scheduled Meeting
English | Español


June 10
Board Room
Study Session
English | Español


June 24
Board Room
Scheduled Meeting
English | Español


July 24
Board Room
Special Meeting
English | Español


July 30
Board Room
Special Meeting
English | Español


No Meeting


August 12
Board Room
Study Session
English | Español


August 26
Board Room
Scheduled Meeting
English | Español


September 9
Board Room
Study Session
English | Español


September 23
Board Room
Scheduled Meeting
English | Español


October 06
Board Room
Special Meeting
English | Español


October 14
Board Room
Study Session
English | Español


October 28
Board Room
Scheduled Meeting
English | Español


No Meeting


November 18
Board Room
Scheduled Session
English | Español


No Meeting


December 9
Board Room
Scheduled Meeting
English | Español



January 15Board RoomStudy Session English|Español View
January 22Board RoomScheduled Meeting English|Español View
February 5Board RoomSpecial Meeting English|Español View
February 12Board RoomStudy Session English|Español View
February 26Board RoomScheduled Meeting English|Español View
March 12Board RoomStudy Session English|Español View
March 26Board RoomScheduled Meeting English|Español View
March 31Board RoomSpecial Meeting English|Español View
April 7Board RoomSpecial Meeting English|Español View
April 9Board RoomScheduled Meeting English|Español View
April 23n/aNo Meeting  
April 28Board RoomSpecial Meeting English|Español View
May 12Board RoomSpecial Meeting English|Español View
May 14Board RoomStudy Session English|Español View
May 28Board RoomScheduled Meeting English|Español View
June 10Pacifica HSRecognition English|Espanol View
June 25Board RoomScheduled Meeting English|Español View
July 2Board RoomSpecial Meeting English|Español View
July 9n/aNo Meeting  
July 23n/aNo Meeting  
August 13Board RoomStudy Session English|Español View
August 27Board RoomScheduled Meeting English|Español View
September 10Board RoomStudy Session English|Español View
September 16Board RoomSpecial Meeting English|Español View
September 24Board RoomScheduled Meeting English|Español View
October 8Board RoomStudy Session English|Español View
October 22Board RoomScheduled Meeting English|Español View
November 12Board RoomScheduled Meeting English|Español View
November 26 n/aNo meeting  
December 10Board RoomScheduled Meeting English|Español View
December 24n/aNo meeting  
January 9Board RoomCancelled  
January 23Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
February 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
February 27Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
March 6Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
March 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
March 27Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
April 24Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
May 8Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
May 22Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
May 28Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
June 12Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
June 26Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
July 23Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | Español View
August 9Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
August 14Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
August 28Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
September 11Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
September 25Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
October 9Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
October 23Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
October 29Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
November 20Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
November 25Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
December 18Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
January 11Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
January 24Board RoomBudget Study SessionEnglish | EspañolView
February 8Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
February 15Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
February 22Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
March 14Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
March 28Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
April 18Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
May 9Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
May 23Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
June 6Board RoomBudget Study SessionEnglish | EspañolView
June 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
June 28Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
July 24Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
August 15Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
September 12Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
September 26Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
October 10Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
October 24Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
November 14Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
November 28Board RoomCancelled  
December 12Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
December 13Hollywood Beach Wine Co.Special MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
January 12Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
January 26Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
February 9Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
February 23Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglishView
February 23Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
March 9Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
March 23Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
April 20Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
April 27Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
May 11Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
May 25Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
June 8Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
June 22Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
July 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
July 23Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
July 27Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish |EspañolView
August 3Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
August 10Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
August 24Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
August 24Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
September 10CSUCI LibrarySpecial MeetingEnglishView
September 14Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
September 28Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
October 12Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
October 12Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
October 26Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
November 9Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
December 6Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
December 14Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish | EspañolView
January 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
January 20Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
February 10Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
February 10Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
February 25Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
March 3Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
March 10Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
April 7Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
April 14Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
April 21Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
May 12Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
June 2Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
June 3Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
June 9Board RoomScheduled Board MeetingEnglishView
June 10Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
July 14Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
August 11Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
September 8Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
October 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
October 19Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
October 27Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
November 10Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
December 8Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
January 14Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
February 4Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
February 11Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
March 11Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
April 8Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
May 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
May 20Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
June 3Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
June 10Board RoomScheduled Board MeetingEnglishView
June 12Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
July 8Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
July 29Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
August 12Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
August 26Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
September 9Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
September 23Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
October 14Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
October 21Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglishView
November 18Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
December 9Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
January 16Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
February 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish 
March 5Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish 
March 12Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish 
March 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish 
April 9Board RoomScheduled Meeting  
May 14Board RoomScheduled Meeting  
June 18Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish 
July 21Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish 
August 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish 
September 10Board RoomScheduled Meeting  
October 8Board RoomScheduled Meeting  
October 21Board RoomSpecial Board MeetingEnglish 
November 19Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish 
December 10Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglish 
January 10Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
February 21Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
March 14Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
April 2Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglishView
April 18Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
May 9Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
June 6Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglishView
June 20Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
July 11Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglishView
July 11Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
August 8Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
August 13Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglishView
September 12Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
September 13Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglishView
September 26Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
October 10Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglishView
October 10Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
October 24Board RoomCancelledEnglish 
November 5Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
December 12Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
January 18Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
February 15Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
March 8Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
April 19Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
May 10Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
May 11Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglishView
June 21Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
July 19Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
August 9Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglishView
August 23Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
September 13Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglishView
October 18Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
November 15Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
December 13Board RoomScheduled MeetingEnglishView
December 19Board RoomSpecial MeetingEnglishView