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Board Goals

Our Vision

The Oxnard Union High School District vision is one of high expectations and powerful futures for every student

Our Mission

To provide equitable supports, opportunities for success and access to endless post-secondary options for every student

Our Goals

  1. Prepare students for College and Career readiness, ensuring that every student is challenged to successfully access rigorous curricula and 21st Century learning strategies that lead to tangible post-secondary outcomes.  This is to be accomplished through the effective implementation of the following procedures:
    • Emphasize teaching such 21st Century skills as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking across the curriculum, which supports the achievement of college-level rigor and career readiness, and which will be assessed by such measures as the PSAT, SAT, CAASPP and other college and career-readiness assessments;
    • Increase UC/CSU a-g completion rates at each school site, focusing on the achievement of English learners, students with disabilities, students of poverty and foster/homeless youth;
    • Increase the percentage of students receiving college credit through the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs;
    • Continue ongoing articulation with colleges, universities and our partner school districts, including the sharing of student achievement data.
    • Ensure the equitable achievement of 21st Century skills through the provision of individual devices (Chromebooks) and wifi hotspots to every student and effective integration of technology into the curricula as a tool for teaching.
  1. Ensure the successful implementation of graduation requirements, the District will implement and evaluate effective interventions and support procedures to help all students successfully complete the UC/CSU a-g requirements and access Career Pathway and Academy coursework.
  2. Provide access to mental health supports to promote the social-emotional wellness of every student
  3. Provide targeted, effective support for English Learners, students with disabilities, foster youth, and low-income students in order to close the achievement gap to meet high expectations.
    • Emphasize teaching literacy (reading and writing) in every classroom to support our English learners in increasing their language proficiency and to improve their reclassification rates, with a strong focus on content-specific academic vocabulary — especially in mathematics.
  1. Continue to build teacher and administrator leadership capacity leading to trusting relationships and organizational
  2. Implement plans to systematically address enrollment growth and overcrowding, including building a new Oxnard-area high school, consideration of boundary changes, and the effective implementation of the inter/intra-district transfer
  1. Maintain facilities and infrastructures that support a safe school and provide a positive learning environment and equitable learning conditions for all students through the implementation of the Measure A School Bond.
    • Provide the community with regular updates on the progress of Measure A projects through local media outlets