Learning Support Services


The Learning Support Services department oversees the distribution, administration, collection, and security of all state and district mandated assessments. To this end, the department coordinates the training of test coordinators and administrators, prepares assessment materials, and facilitates the transfer of assessment information between the OUHSD and the state. Learning Support Services also provides schools, district offices, and the community with interpretation of the results from the various assessments administered district-wide.

Additionally, our department serves as a resource to district and school staff in helping them gather and analyze data and use that information to assist teachers in driving instruction. Furthermore, data analysis and interpretation provided by this department are used to strengthen decision-making for the Superintendent, the School Board, and district and school-based administrators.

Learning Support Services also provides meaningful, ongoing professional development opportunities to teachers and administrators in the area of educational technology. Our staff is committed to supporting our teachers and administrators so that they may seamlessly infuse technology tools into their daily curriculum in order to enhance learning, increase motivation and engage our students on every level, while both in and out of the classroom.

School Accountability Report Cards (SARC)

Contact Us

Reina Bejerano | Director
Telephone: 805-487-7540
Email: reina.bejerano@ouhsd.k12.ca.us

Karen Sonnenschein |Director’s Secretary
Telephone: 805-385-5808
Email: karen.sonnenschein@ouhsd.k12.ca.us

Jay Sorensen | Ed Tech Coordinator
Telephone: 805-436-8539
Email: jay.sorensen@ouhsd.k12.ca.us

Erik Ward | Learning Design Coach
Telephone: 805-385-2602
Email: erik.ward@ouhsd.k12.ca.us

Margaret Clark | Research & Accountability Technician
Telephone: 805-436-8533
Email: margaret.clark@ouhsd.k12.ca.us

Leticia Maulhardt | Testing Technician
Telephone: 805-436-8534
Email: martha.maulhardt@ouhsd.k12.ca.us